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Avoid Malware and Adware Extensions in Chrome Using ExtShield

by Fahad Saleem

Avoid Malware and Adware Extensions in Chrome Using ExtShield

Recently, Google removed two extensions from it’s Chrome Web Store. They were ‘Add to Feedly’ and ‘Tweet this Page’. They were removed because Google discovered they were forcefully delivering malware to the users who had downloaded the extensions. At first, these extensions were safe but then they were bought by third-parties from the original creators for quite a decent amount of money.  The extensions started to show ads and links on every website the user visited. What made it worse was that these adds and links were hidden, and users ended up clicking on them by accident. Also, the advertisements were turned on by default, so no one was aware. This was quite the scam, and as soon as Google found out, they immediately removed both extensions. Unfortunately, there is no official feature or tweak that can protect users from these malicious extensions. However, an extension called ExtShield has been created for this purpose and will protect Chrome from these bad extensions. ExtShield is designed to keep an eye on all the extensions you are installing and will notify you right away as soon as a malicious extension has been discovered. There’s no complex procedure in order to use this extension, you just install it and let it do it’s work.

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It’s become more and more popular that anonymous third-parties offer the creators of popular extensions a great deal to buy their extension. Most creators agree, and the third-parties are now owners of the extension. They then forcefully put in ad-ware code into these extensions and then the extension start to display ads. The user of the extension has no idea of this change and ends up suffering. Most extensions update without the users noticing it, so they have no clue that the safe extension they installed has now infected their browser with ad-ware. Even though Google has made it clear that it will abolish any extension that does this, it cannot keep an eye on all extensions. And since no official feature has been released that can protect users from these extensions, it’s great that ExtShield has been created.

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So for now, this is the first step to protect your browser from malicious extensions and ad-ware. Until Google releases an official software to protect users, ExtShield will have to do all the work. It’s simple to install and no work is required to run it. You just sit back and let it protect your browser.

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