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Avoid Undesired Friends Using This Anti-Social Networking App

Avoid Undesired Friends Using This Anti-Social Networking App

The usual quest on social networks is to connect with friends and families. Most of the apps in the market are oriented to facilitate the social networking users in this regard. However, people might want to avoid some of their friends using social network near them or even far away. Cloak is a wonderful app just launched that will allow you to avoid connections on social media based on the information of your location.

Cloak gets information about the location of your friends. It shows whether your friends are near or not. This way you can avoid accidentally bumping into them. In order to show the the locations of your friends on maps along side with your own location as well, you need to integrate your social network with Foursquare and Instagram. You will then get to know which of your friends have checked in nearby you. If you want to avoid some

person then you need to flag him on the social network. The app will alert you whenever that person arrives in a certain radius around you. The default radius is set to be half a mile. However, the radius can be varied from one block to 2 miles.

At the moment, the app takes the information from two social networks: Instagram and Foursquare. Hence, your friends must be using either of these two networks to provide information about their location.The developers are working on connecting the app to more wonderful social networks in the future. However, Twitter will still not be among them.

The company faces difficulty in finding the location of the people simply because many people have turned off the service of displaying their location.

This project is governed by programmer Brian Moore and Creative Director of Buzzfeed, Chris Baker. The latter has been involved in the anti-social ventures in the past also. He left Buzzfeed with the aim that he would develop a Chrome extension that would enable people avoid seeing undesired content. He presented his views in an email to the Washington Post that they have seen the crest of the social network. They have the point of view that anti-social stuff is along the rising trend. You will observe such kind of projects in the future also. His efforts will save people from undesired content on the internet overall. This includes content while browsing or people using social media.

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