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AWIT Kenya 2018 Conference Pitch Competition Winners

AWIT Kenya 2018 Conference pitches

Now that the dust has settled from the #AWITKenya18 conference, which ran from July 19-21, it is time to reflect and look back and look at what defined the conference. The African Women in Tech (AWIT) conference saw many women in tech fraternity from Kenya and beyond come under one roof – the Nairobi Garage co-working space – to share, network, and connect.

The event also provided an opportune moment for startups companies founded or co-founded by women to showcase their products. Today, we are going to share details about the four startups that demoed their products on Friday at the #AWITKenya18 conference. The startups are as follows, listed in no particular order.

SIMATECH Integrated Solutions Ltd.

A self-service fully automated vending machine that runs on mobile money for use in the sale of clean water, milk, cooking oil, fresh juice, and soft drinks.

SIMATECH Integrated Solutions’ prides itself of having a differentiated product from the competition. The difference they have to offer over those already in the market is that, SIMATECH Integrated Solutions’ product, the fully automated vending machine, does not require to topped up using top up cards. The user can simply purchase the units via mobile money.

As pitched by Teresiah Njoroge, the SIMATECH vending machine require no card, is cheaper, and versatile with real-time transaction.


Dial A Pad pitch was about holistically tackling the lack of menstrual equity and sexual reproductive health by leveraging on the power of e-commerce, chats, and smart pad dispensers. The startup presents a multifaceted platform for women aged 13-45 years that uses e-commerce to not only dispense sanitary pads but also conduct self-assessment of STIs including HIV.

User can make payment seamlessly via mobile money, and have the products delivered to them for free. The startup has also published the Dial A Pad app, which gives users in app consultations with gynecologists.

In their pitch, the startup says one in ten girls in Kenya have to skip a week of school every month because of what they describe as “period poverty.” The girls eventually end up losing up to 20% of the learning time in primary education and stand a higher chance of dropping out of school. The situation for the girls get worse by period shaming, which makes it almost mandatory for them to miss school during their menstrual period.

It is said that 70% of women in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to sexual reproductive healthcare predominantly due to the prohibitive costing of the healthcare services.


Earthnique is a natural beauty company that focuses on ‘Good for You’ hair care, skin care, and beauty products that are natural based, and specific for ethnic skins and hair. This startup distributes a wide range of local and international brands through retail and wholesale.

Earthnique is currently developing its own range of basic ‘essentials.’ The company is out to create a strong and recognizable brand with a strong online and e-commerce focus.

Kilimo Digital

A farming app leveraging on agritech to boost yields and reduce post harvest losses. The app comes with multiple feature to help the farmers including venarcular language functionality, USSD codes for operation among users without internet and smart mobile devices. Transaction on the platform is powered by mobile money services.

The app also acts as a platform for connecting farmers with retailers/market, thereby eliminating middlemen, who have been notorious of swindling the farmers and hooding of good to spike up the prices.

STEM Network

This startup aims to connect mentors and mentees who are in need of passionate, positive role models, responsible adults in their academic lives. STEM network seeks to provide the platform for marching mentor and mentee for individual pursuing career or education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

The startup is mainly targeting mostly high school students hungry for information but don’t have mentors.


G-Robot is a driverless vehicle that is designed to accommodate senior citizens and people with disability by having easy entrance and exit mechanism for wheelchairs. It is an electric car with two rechargeable batteries and has a battery swap capability to facilitate easy, safe, and independent mobility.

To make the technology sustainable, the car can be recharged by a 30kW solar panel in an hour from the comfort of your home. The car also has a range of 180 Km providing convenience without need to recharge often.

The winners of the AWIT Kenya 2018 demo competition

The pitch was held on Friday July 20th and the judges made their verdict known the next day on Saturday. From the demo, the top three startups were announced winners as follows:

#1 – Earthnique

#2 – Dial A Pad!

#3 – Kilimo Digital

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