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AWS Serverless Consulting: Benefits of AWS Serverless Computing


There are many serverless platforms in the market. The competition is really tough. However, out of all the serverless platforms in the market, the best one is AWS Lambda.

You will be able to unlock all the benefits of using a serverless architecture with AWS. If you want to know about AWS and using this platform for your apps and websites, you can contact AWS Serverless Consulting Company.

AWS Serverless Consulting:

AWS = Amazon Web Services. There are many web development companies that use only services provided by AWS. These companies are known as AWS consulting partner or AWS consultants.

You can approach these companies to develop apps that use AWS Serverless platform to function.

AWS Serverless Platform Services:

AWS Serverless platform includes many types of services. You can use these services to develop the infrastructure of the app. Here are services consulting partners use.

AWS Lambda: You can use it to make the code run in more than one programming language.

AWS DynamoDB: It is a fast data store. It is for NoSQL. It helps to provide fast latency on a large scale. The pricing is efficient.

API Gateway: It takes care of routing and rate-limiting. It also helps to maintain, monitor and secure the APIs.

AWS Fargate: It covers the limitations of Lambda. You can use it to manage the size. You can easily run Dockersized file.

Benefits of AWS Serverless Computing:

AWS Serverless platform does not only help you to create scalable architecture but also cost-efficient one. Here are some of the benefits of using AWS Serverless platform for computing.


Before serverless platforms, there was a great issue related to scalability. But with the help of AWS, you can easily build and run highly scalable apps. It takes care of the scalability as everything happens automatically on a serverless platform.

No DevOps: 

You don’t have to constantly administer the infrastructure. All you need to do is upload the function. It takes away all the extra work and efforts.


AWS is very cost-effective. When no one is using the app, it shuts down on its own. The computing power stops. You only have to pay when the power is being used. There is no additional cost for idle time.


Developers can deploy, test, and calculate the changes in the app immediately. There is no need to wait for making any changes. There is no need to manage any servers.

No Installation & Maintenance:

There is no need to install any servers are maintain it. With AWS, you can directly get computing power form the provider. You just need to focus on coding and development. The servers are managed and maintained by AWS.

Automated Deployment:

Developers can easily develop apps using the automated deployment feature of AWS. Everything happens automatically. There is no need to waste any time in the deployment of the app.


AWS helps the developers to scale and innovate the app. It doesn’t risk the security of the app. AWS maintains a secure environment for the app.

These are the benefits of using AWS Serverless platform for web development and app development.

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