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B is for Budgeting: Where to Spend vs. Splurge in Your Classroom


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It’s no secret that record-low classroom budgets limit teachers’ imaginations and appetites for innovation. With educators forced to scrape the barrel of monthly budgets, these cash allowances will need to be stretched as far as possible. Below are some suggestions on where you should splurge and areas where you can save when allocating the funds of your classroom budget.


Below are the best places to splurge in your classroom. These items will give you extra functionality and a wow factor.

Classroom decorations

Classroom decorations serve two purposes in your classroom: aiding in learning and creating an environment that’s conducive to learning. You want your students to feel stimulated and welcome in your classroom.

When you decorate your room with high-quality, eco-friendly posters and decorations from providers like Sproutbrite, your classroom is sure to be an engaging learning environment.

Laminating machine

Most schools have a laminating machine, but they’re usually old, large, and difficult to use. Fortunately, you can upgrade to a state-of-the-art personal laminating machine for less than $100. While it’s pricey and the sheets aren’t cheap either, you’ll be able to use certain printed materials over and over, saving you time and money.


Technology is a must-have in any classroom. Hardware, software, and apps allow you to make learning engaging and more enriching. In the 2020s, educators can only expect a total tech takeover, as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain technology creeps its way into the classroom of today.

Unfortunately, most tech products don’t come cheap, so you’ll need to reserve a decent portion of your budget for all things tech. You can sometimes find better prices if you shop around Black Friday and other holiday seasons.


These items are just as crucial as your splurge items, but these are certainly places where you can save some money.

Class library

While you shouldn’t scrimp on your class library, you can find books for cheap or, sometimes, even free. Check with friends, parents, libraries, and used book stores. You’ll be able to build up a well-stocked library for a fraction of the cost.


A detailed planner is a must for every teacher. You have so many tasks to keep track of, so you need a suitable way to stay organized. While some of the most popular planners will set you back $50 or more, you can now find planners for a fraction of the cost that boast many of the same features.

Classroom supplies

Even if you have a supply list and parents provide supplies, you know that you’ll have to buy some things for your classroom, especially around mid-year when the well of school supplies runs dry. When it comes time to restock, remember that it’s not in your best interest to purchase off-brand supplies, given that you’ll just have to buy new ones when generic alternatives break.

However, you can save on the brand-name supplies that work best for your classroom. If you hit up stores like Walmart and Target a few weeks before the school year begins, you can usually find some incredible deals.  

Parting thoughts

Your classroom is an extension of your teaching. You must make your classroom environment engaging and comfortable for your students. Items like classroom decorations and technology can improve learning. By allocating your money carefully, you’ll be able to have all of the things you need, including some splurges. 

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