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Back To School Tips From Mommy Blog Sites You Should Follow

by Milicent Atieno

Back To School Tips From Mommy Blog Sites You Should Follow

Back To School Tips From Mommy Blog Sites You Should FollowKids are back to school, and as a responsible mom you should not leave all the nurturing work for your baby to the teachers at school and the nanny back at home. We understand, life gets in the way of life: bills have to be paid and work demands too much of your time. Juggling between work and motherhood can wear you out. Still, who says you have to settle for being a lousy mom and a great bread-winner? Can’t you manage both?

Nowadays there are blogs on mommy and baby issues. Sharing insightful information on motherhood and giving you tips on how to balance your busy life schedule and be an awesome mom, all at the same time. The best part of it is that they are available online, and you can access them while you are on the move on your mobile device or while taking that short break while at work.

These blogs are in touch with the latest and trending topics dealing with motherhood and baby care; essentially all the motherly things your busy life schedule is keeping you away from. Moms and tots have taken to blogging and are giving readers two-in-one deal when it comes to parenting advice and lifestyle inspirations.

Back To School Tips From Mommy Blog Sites You Should Follow

They have content for every kind of reader. Whether you are looking for market information on the latest shoes, best car seats for the baby or those spiky stilettos, that elegant mama’s dress to wear to work.  They are your one-stop-shop quick fix to becoming a downright styled-up awesome mom. Now that school session is on, they also have useful insights on the best back to schools information that every mother with a school going kid ought to know.

Today Innov8tiv shares with you the top Mommy blogs sites you should know and follow, as cited by They are as follows:

The Baby Shopaholic: Described as the quintessential stylish mom, Trina blogs at The Baby Shopaholic gives you all the latest and trending news on fashion outfits and #MamanistaFridays linkups. She also keeps readers in the loop with posts on lifestyle and beauty reviews accompanied by outfit shots of her cute daughter, Peyton.

My Brown Baby: By Denene Miller, a renowned author and journalist. She started the blog site as a platform for the African-American moms to share their views and experiences on parenthood, which is a debate running throughout the United States. It now among the leading blog sites visited by African-American women on the internet.

Baby Brown Sugar: By Christina Brown, a leading style blogger of color. She recently joined the mama’s club after having her beautiful daughter, Cadence also referred to as #BabyBrownSugar. The blog site follows the growth journey of baby Cadence giving readers monthly updates accompanied by insightful advices that are useful to mothers of all ages.

Mommie Knows Fresh: By Caprece, who brings a new twist to the mamas’ blogs with her humor and insightful outlook on motherhood. With the famous line, “Things I’ve learned since becoming a Mom,” accompanied with some very funny memes. She also does some serious posts touching on how to deal with grief as a mother, which have been nothing short of insightful and heartfelt.

The Art of Bery: Well-established beauty writer, Andrea Arterbery, who can often be found backstage at the Fashion Week. Just as much as she can be found on the kids playground with her dazzling 2-year-old baby-boy #Arterbaby. She blogs about beauty and gives a refreshing opinion about the various challenges and joys of being a mother.

Mommy Delicious: If you are an Ivy league-educated woman hell-bent on making it big in your career. Alicia of Mommy Delicious shows you how to make it both as a career woman and an awesome mom. On her posts, she shares with her readers about her personal life journey alongside the adventures of her charming first-grader, Aiden. On her blogs, she shares all the lessons (some quite painful) she has endured on her journey of life.

From Mrs To Mom: This blog is essentially the chronicles of one woman from being a single lady to a wife and becoming a mom. She shares with her readers what it takes to manage the challenges of being a wife and making a happy marriage to being a mother and raising a happy child.

Better Than Dreams Blog: Readers can get insightful information from this blog ranging from the blogger’s vegan diet to the blogger’s child’s sense of style and fun. There are also more serious posts on the blogger’s experience of caring for her son while she is sick. These posts set her blog apart from the rest.

Mama Fashion Files: On this blog, Aracely gives readers a refreshing outlook on fashion in a way that any reader can understand and relate to. If you are looking for great shopping tips as a mother with a baby girl, then her posts will keep you in the loop on the latest and trending fashion styles yet.

Baby and Blog: From the founder of the famous, Black Girl Long Hair, Leila. She now brings you another blogs site Baby and Blog where she gives Africa-American mothers a platform to share their parenting advice and experiences. The blog also features tips, opinion pieces and confessionals.

The ball is now in your court. Follow the above-mentioned mama blogs and upgrade your mama game.

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