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by to Educate People on How Not to Use Their Reports

Company wants consumers to understand the laws governing the use of background checks. is starting a campaign to educate consumers about the legal and illegal ways the information contained in the background check reports they purchase can and cannot be used, the company said yesterday.

what-is-a-background-check“There are very strict laws governing the way someone can use background check data, yet many consumers have no idea they exist,” a spokesman said. “We want to make people aware of them, because we want to help consumers, not get them arrested. We think this is information they deserve to know.”

In general, he said, people can use background check information for their own personal use. They simply cannot use them for discrimination or harassment.

“The Fair Credit Reporting Act is fairly clear,” he said. “A person can’t use background information when it comes to employment or housing. They also can’t use it to deny someone credit or set their insurance rates. And, we hope that most people understand that it is illegal to use services like ours to stalk people.” will publish the information on their site, he said. It will also be released through social media and on their blog.

“Teaching people the ins and outs of how to use public information isn’t complicated,” he said. “But it is the right thing to do. That’s why we are going to make this information as accessible as possible.”

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