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How to Backup Apps in Android for Future Use: Backup, Save, Transfer APK Files

by Fahad Saleem

Backing up an Android app is necessary if you want to keep the app’s updated version and data. It’s always useful to backup because there are many versions of Android available, and people keep getting the error “latest update not working” on their devices. Having an app in your SD card is always useful, especially if that app or game is super useful or addictive. For example, if there is some data backup or contacts app you use, and your whole usage depends on that, you could easily backup that app to save future nuisance in case of f*ckups and app deletions. Last year, much to the dismay of millions of people, Flappy Bird owner pulled the game off from the Play Store, citing insane addiction of the game and its related harms. Those people who had backed up the game rejoiced.

Backup Apps in Android

Perhaps the best way to backup Android apps is to use a file manager. There are several free file managers that are available to backup apps. You can use the app named File Manager or the famous ES File Explorer. These file managers have built-in features of backing up apps. You can also use Astro File Manager for this purpose.

These file managers have the option of taking a backup in Settings. These apps give you an option to select an app and they backup by saving its apk file.

Now, after backing up apps, it’s time to learn how to reinstall the backed up apps. Just open the file manager and tap the icon of the backed up app. The file managers have built-in installers. These installers will install the app within seconds.

App Backup Restore – Transfer

App Backup Restore is one of the best apps to take backup of apps and data in Android. You can take backup of your apps within seconds and reinstall easily. The app was made to give a hassle-free method to save the apk files for future use.

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