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Bahati Books: From Niche to Mainstream

by Maya Johnson
Bahati Books: From Niche to Mainstream

Literature is a powerful thing for many people. It can take people on a journey to anywhere, and allow an audience to open their imaginations. Literature also has the power to connect people in a very real and spiritual way, allowing them to learn about themselves. That’s the goal of Bahati Books.

Bahati Books: From Niche to Mainstream

Bahati Books is an e-book publishing company, founded by Barbara Njau and Kudakwashe Kamupira. It brings readers from around the workd, captivating literature by African authors. Barbara was born in Kenya, and Kuda was born in Zimbabwe.

Barbara said she discovered her identity through books. After her boyfriend bought her a tablet, she wanted to search for African literature on Amazon.

“There were hardly any African literature on Amazon,” she said. “There was a mutual frustration.”

Kuda felt the same way. She wanted to reconnect with her childhood, because she had a sense of homesickness. Reading books by Zimbabwe authors allowed Kuda to discover her identity.

Barbara and Kuda met each other in England when they were eleven.

Bahati Books is their start-up company, which they first established Aug. 2015. Their goal for the company is to build a strong relationship with their audience through literature, blogs and social media.

“We want to take African literature from a “niche” to the mainstream,” said Barbara.

Many of their authors only have one book out so far, and many of them never thought about publishing a book. But Barbara and Kuda said that it was an opportunity for the authors to publish their works and get their ideas and stories out there.

One of their authors, Mirette Bahgat, who is an Egyptian activist, had a hard time finding a publishing house that would take her stories. When she became part of Bahati Books, she was so thrilled that her stories would be read and would inspire many others. Barbara and Kuda explained that some of her writing explores Egyptian mythologies and folklore.

Their company has taken a life of its own for being a start-up. Barbara and Kuda stated that they don’t look for people to publish; they have had people come to them with positive responses.

“I met a French woman at a Network event, who came up to me and shook my hand,” Kuda said. “She was very excited to meet me.”

Both founders said that their company has taken a life of its own and is inspiring many people of African origins, as well as other readers fascinated by the author’s writing and stories. Kuda and Barbara hope to keep making a difference, and aspire to one day branch out of the UK, and have a base somewhere in Africa. They want to be directly engaged to their audience listen to what they have to say about the books and find out what they want Bahati Books to bring them.

If you want to learn more about Bahati Books or their authors, go to their website at

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