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Battlefield 5 Review: Excellent Gameplay, Graphics and Scenes

by Fahad Saleem

The Battlefield 5 has been released and it promises to deliver a great and intense multiplayer battle experience to its users. It is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The new version has a new battle royale mode known as Firestorm. This latest mode will provide the usual number of vehicles, scale, and destruction expected from Battlefield with a combination of all the formulas expected from battle royale. It has implausible sound, impactful weaponry, and large-scale multiplayer chaos. The graphics are crisp and detailed.

Game Story

Scale and chaos have always been the groundwork of the Battlefield series. Battlefield 5 is based on the theme of World War II. To achieve the objective, soldiers push towards it with utter force and tactics as the explosions and gunfire surround the war-torn landscapes. In Battlefield 5 the ground troops are deadlier than before which decreases the time to kill for skilled players. The sniper focused Recon class has the ability to spot enemies by using the manual spotting scope. It has an unlimited number of weekly challenges which make Battlefield 5 the best of the series and the best FPS of the season.

Gameplay Preview

The Players are divided into two teams (English and German), each given opposite tasks. In most of the maps, the opposite team is forced to land into enemy territory at the start of the game; this is a nail-biting experience. It means you can’t fire rockets to the opponents until you land safely. The good part is, you can decide when to jump off from the plane.  If you jump off early, you will land miles away from the enemy but if you’re brave enough, jump right over your target.

The enemies can be clearly differentiated from your teammates in the slumping maps covered in hidey holes, ruins, and brush. The enemies are marked with a red icon over their heads but if they hide behind a cover, the red icon disappears so that you can’t track them through barriers. There is a very real sense of danger in the game which keeps your heart rate high throughout the game.

Medics can resuscitate any fallen companions by moving close to them, but make sure you’re quick enough as when a player goes down, it expires within few seconds if no medical care is given. A critically injured player can cry for help to get the attention of any close partner. Moreover, there are a lot of vehicles in Battlefield 5 that can be driven and scavenged.


Like the previous version of Battlefield, Battlefield 5 is a spotty experience which is affected by bugs and glitches that continuously pull you out of it all. The latest animations don’t incorporate together with legs prodding out in an inhuman way and the players twisting on the floor. Sometimes the game ends up in a strange ceasefire as the players get tired of fighting with each other and end up under a bridge peacefully together.


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