Digi-Beauty and Grooming: 4 Tech Tools to Stay Polished and Chic

by TheBossMoves

Infared Blow-Out: The Thairapy 365 Hairdryer,  uses infared technology instead of heat, cutting down dry time by 50 percent, according to the manufacturer’s Website. Who loves spending hours drying their hair, especially if it’s natural? This may help cut hours out of your day or salon stay.

Giga-Groom: The Hairmax LaserComb is an FDA-approved device touted “as a convenient, cost-effective treatment that will deliver real results.” The manufacturers recommend use 3 times per week for 8-15 minutes, to see “visible results” which include “new hair growth, revitalization of dormant hair follicles, a substantial decrease in shedding, increased thickness and fullness of hair and better scalp health in as little as 12 weeks.” Typically, combs end up taking hair out, not facilitating growth so this device might just redeem an age-old tool.

Hot Shave: This Warming Towel Rack seems like the best option for preventing mildew and overuse of towels. It’d also be a great tool for hot-towel shaves. Why pay an arm and a leg for those ritzy barbershop services when you can just grab a few Shea Moisture Shave products, heat up your own towel and keep it moving in style.

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