Bebuzee Social Network – Pays You To Post, Like, Click and Share

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Bebuzee Social Network – Pays You To Post, Like, Click, Rate and Share

How much time do you spend on social media? If you could quantify the time you spend on social media into a monetary value, how rich do you think you would be? Do you just waste time on social media or does it add any value to your life, business, education or any other aspect of your life?

Well, you might want to know there is a 3-month old social network that can help you give all the right answers to the above questions. Dubbed the Bebuzee, this is a social network founded in Cambridgeshire, UK and is taking the world by a storm; in only three months it has signed up over 5 million users worldwide. Surpassing most big social network, with regards to just how fast it has signed up users, in such a small period.

But here is the interesting part, Bebuzee, as unbelievable as it may sound, pays you for the posts you make on the social network. In a move that surprises many, Bebuzee believes that social networks ought to share part of the profit made with social network users. Since, it is the users who drives traffic to the social network and make the network attractive to advertisers.

Bebuzee has definitely elevated the competition for social networks a notch higher. Only time will tell whether or not, other social network giants like Facebook and Twitter dominance in the market will be shaken by this ‘new kid on the block’.

It is about time we reward our users by giving back half of the profit we make through them,” said Joe Onyero, the Founder of Bebuzee. “A simple view or like on a picture and the share of a status, among other interactions will offer the user automatically a stipulated amount.”

For every thousand impressions a user generates, s/he will be paid $0.50, for every click on a Page, they get $0.25. Payment will be made through PayPal or Bank Transfer on a monthly basis, but only to users who have reached a minimum of $100.

It would not be surprising if Bebuzee attracts a lot of users and possibly leave big-time social networks like Twitter and Facebook in the dust. Especially considering that the user can easily raise impressions by simply posting numerous statuses throughout the day.

In order for a user to generate a lot of income from impressions, they not only need to post content frequently, but also, the size of their network and frequency of usage of the network goes into account. So, Bebuzee may not make you an over-night millionaire, but compared what the other social networks have to offer, at least time spent on Bebuzee can be monetized.

Bebuzee is also said  to introduce some new Social Network features that have never existed before, since the advent of Social Networks. These features will encourage users to stay logged in throughout the day, and will form part of Bebuzee iconic feature that separates it from the competition. Some of the features already available on the Bebuzee social network include:

Rate My Pic: This feature allows the user to view pictures of friends on their network, in addition to random pictures of other users, and rate them. User can either give them a “Love it”, “Maybe” and “Not Really”. Rating other people’s pictures is going to be fun for most users, but the additional fact that users can generate more money while at it makes it even more fun. Users can also increase their pay by posting more pictures and have them rated.

Shopping by Images: This is perhaps a bait for the shopaholics. This feature is currently not available but is said to be coming soon. The feature will allow users to search for products from whichever category they wish to buy. There will be a picture gallery with products displayed onto Bebuzee’s screen from different manufacturers, brands, shops and retailers. A user will only have to click on the picture of the product they want to buy, and they will be redirected to the purchase page of the seller’s site.

User Privacy

We love our social networks, and our initial intention for joining them is to connect with family and friends. But it has been alleged that some social networks are selling our private information to third parties for marketing purposes.

In an address to this concern, Joe Onyero said he is “tired of hearing people complaining about their personal information being shared and sold to third parties… This is a great deal to us and so it should be to other Social Networks, users are entitled to exercise their right over their information and have no worries or what so ever.”

For more information, about this social network employing innovative mean to sign up users, follow this link.

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