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BeFunky Photo Editor Lets You Edit Photos, Create Digital Art and Collages

by Fahad Saleem

Hate downloading hefty software and annoying apps to edit your photos? BeFunky’s Photo Editor is what you need. Befunky’s Photo Editor provides a quick, web-based solution to edit your photos. The service has a slew of tools which allow you to revamp your photos to infuse perfection in them.

BeFunky Photo Editor has basic photo editing features like crop, resize, retouch, change background and rotation. The tool is very easy to use. Just import any photo you want to edit from your computer or web and get to work.

BeFunky has some advanced photo editing tools, like adding wrinkles to your photos using brushes, doing a quick blemish fix, adding blushes, fixing red eyes, changing eye color and applying different colors to different parts of your portrait.

You can even whiten your teeth in your photos, and change hair color. BeFunky photo editor works smoothly, and takes a very limited amount of browser resources. The website is optimized from mobile. You can edit your photos directly from your smartphone using this amazing service. Just import photos from your camera roll or gallery and bam!

 The photo editor has a special “Effects” tab from where you can add special, subtle effects in your photos. For example, you can add chromatic effects, lens flare, black and white texture, charcoal, cyanotype and loads of other colors.

I added a cyanotype special effect to and photo, and that completely changed its outlook and texture.

I also loved the “Artsy” feature of BeFunky Photo Editor. Artsy tab is full of digital art prints, stickers and tools to make animations.

BeFunky also has an amazing Collage maker and a Designer Tool. Using the designer tool you can make aesthetic designs, poster cards and logos on the go. There are useful templates which could be edited and used for convenience.

However, it should be mentioned that BeFunky’s photo editor is a paid service. Sure, you can use the basic photo editing features for free. But when it comes to advanced and highly useful features, you’ll have to pay. The app starts from $2.91 a month.

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