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Belfast Teachers Created Software to Reduce Teacher Workloads and Make Classes More Efficient


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Teachers are essential members of any school or educational institution, and the increasing workloads teachers must manage can significantly impact their performance and satisfaction. To address this issue, teachers should be provided with the necessary resources to ensure they have sufficient support in managing increased workloads. Below, you will learn how British practicing teachers have solved this task. Keep on reading!

The new tool from Belfast

Belfast teachers have created a software suite, TransferTest, to reduce teacher workloads and make classroom instruction more efficient. The software aims to help educators who identified areas where they felt technology could help ease their work in the classroom.

About TransferTest

TransferTest is a new system for kids to pass tests in real-time. Teachers can see the results immediately and give feedback on where to improve and what topics to master. The questions are broken down into smaller chunks and can be solved step-by-step to give users an idea of how to approach different types of questions within the test format.

How do teachers benefit?

Teachers play an essential role in supporting and encouraging children to become successful. A teacher’s job is more than just teaching the curriculum; they are responsible for providing students with the necessary guidance, encouragement, and support to help them reach their full potential. Therefore, teachers need to build positive relationships with their students, and TransferTest is created to do this.

Receiving detailed and accurate results from online tests can greatly benefit teachers, say software testing outsourcing company members. That eliminates the need for them to spend their nights marking tests. It provides a wealth of information that can be used to craft more effective lessons, helping pupils reach their potential faster. With the ability to highlight areas where difficulties occur in real time, teachers are better equipped to plan future lessons around these topics with precision.


Teachers are the backbone of our education system, and their workload impacts student learning outcomes. Factors such as class size, number of classes taught, availability of resources and support staff, quality of professional development opportunities, and administrative tasks contribute to teachers’ workloads. Additionally, teachers may be required to take on extra duties such as extracurricular activities, coaching and mentoring students, and attending school events.

How do kids benefit?

The software shows teachers what every student should improve; thus, the latter focus on making lessons for the class’s needs and teaching instead. If kids feel insecure or want to know how to learn effectively, they will see it by using the test and being guided by teachers.

Chris Dillon and Stephen Houston, the creators, say, “We understand that children come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities, so it’s essential to have a system that can provide every child with the best education possible. That’s why we’re committed to helping teachers create an environment where they can support all their students, regardless of whether they are sitting the test. 

Our system will allow teachers to create individualized education plans for each student and develop a learning environment tailored to their needs. With our system, teachers can be sure that every child has access to the support they need to reach their full potential.”

TransferTest is an innovative tool designed to help students pass tests in real time. It enables teachers to provide positive feedback and support, allowing students to improve their exam performance immediately. With TransferTest, teachers can easily set up assessments and track progress, helping students develop meaningful test-taking skills and reach their goals faster.

How do parents benefit?


TransferTest is an excellent way for busy parents to help their kids prepare for the upcoming academic year. The kit helps to create a supportive environment by providing tools and strategies that can be used to identify potential areas of difficulty, as well as provide resources and guidance on how to address those challenging issues. In addition, it has a separate website that offers other types of tasks, such as practice tests and exams, to ensure that children are ready. With proper preparation, kids will gain more confidence and boost their grades this school year.

Giving positive experience

TransferTest has been a positive experience for both students and parents. Students have reported feeling empowered to pass their tests with the help of teacher feedback. Parents also noticed positive changes in their children’s test results since implementing TransferTest into their studies. With TransferTest, students can learn more quickly and efficiently, and parents feel confident that their children are getting the best education possible. From positive feedback to improved test results, TransferTest has been a positive experience for everyone involved.

Creators will develop the software to make it convenient and popular in 2023!

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