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Benefits of Flying Privately for Business


Flying is a necessary part of most international business travel and many choose to fly with commercial airlines. Whilst cost-effective, this method of aviation can limit you in other areas of your business operations. If you’re a busy executive or owner of more than one business, time is money and you should protect it at all costs. So, why might you want to start considering private aviation for your business travel?


Firstly, private jet hire should allow you to maintain your productivity while on the move. Tickets on commercial airlines provide you with limited space, even in business class. But on a private jet, you can make use of all the room you need to work or rest. Using your flying time wisely can help you to free up time elsewhere which can be used for the benefit of yourself or your company.

Time Effectiveness

Following on, you can also save time in comparison to flying commercially. Private jet passengers are required to go through much fewer pre-boarding checks and security measures, helping you to avoid busy airport terminals and public areas. Disembarking is also less hassle, saving you time at both ends of your journey. Private aviation may cost more than commercial flights, but the time you save could be more valuable to you or your organisation.

Custom Scheduling

If you’re finding that you can’t accommodate your busy schedule and international travel requirements with commercial flights, then private jet hire may be the answer for you. Private aviation services can allow you to determine custom schedules and routes that meet your needs, rather than catering to a plane full of flyers. Do you need to be in 5 different countries in as many days? Private aviation can make this task a lot more comfortable.


The issue of security and safety has been emphasised in the past 2 years, for various reasons. On a chartered flight, you can avoid many security and safety risks that you may have to contend with on a commercial flight. Your journey from point A to B should be as smooth as possible and this will help if you’re a nervous flyer.

On-Demand Services

The business world is ever-changing and unpredictable. Situations emerge and change quickly, and your ability to react and respond to these is vital. With private aviation, you can book on-demand flights whenever and wherever you need them. This is an important ability to have when more than a video call is needed at short notice.

Flying privately may be an option that you’ve never considered, but it can provide many benefits for those on busy and unpredictable schedules. Perhaps it could change your business travel experience?

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