Benefits of Google Ads Certification in Digital Marketing Career: Jobs, Prospects

Benefits of Google Ads Certification in Digital Marketing Career: Jobs, Prospects

Digital marketing is an extremely lucrative career path. Think about it: every company, brand, business, media house, politician, restaurant, individual is now getting the fact that for making money you have to be present online. To get eyes on your brand, business or service, you have to compete with others and stand out (read SEO). You have to have stellar content (text, video, pictures).

Google is the market leader when it comes to traffic, online ads and search. Google has over 93% market share in search.

Google AdWords

Google Ads certification will instantly make you stand out among the applicants. It costs about $150. When you sincerely prepare for Google ads certification, you get to learn everything about Google ads campaigns, PPC, how to search for good keywords, how landing pages work, Google ads, bidding, and much more.

Nothing of these things is difficult. But you’d be surprised to know that there is a dire shortage of good digital marketers with Google ads expertise in the market.

So, the short answer is that having a Google ads certification will definitely help you in getting a digital marketing job. You can start your own website and launch your own ads agency in the future.

“Google certification is a great way to understand how the algorithm functions and to get used to the Google Ads interface. It is, however, real world client-handling experience that teaches how to use ads to generate positive ROIs.” says Arjun Sandhu, a Google certified Ads Professional who runs – a PPC agency in London, UK.
Note: If you complete Google AdWords certification and have an agency, you will get a Google Partner badge. This badge will give you a lot of credibility and may help you get more clients.

Having said all of that, let me remind you that nothing beats practical experience.

In digital marketing, SEO and web advertising, the good thing is that you don’t need years of experience in a company to prove yourself.

Want to prove your worth?

Start a website today with your name, and apply all of the marketing skills you learned online. Drive traffic to your website, generate content, make a social media page of it. Here you go, you have your live CV ready to show.

Google AdWords certification will add nothing but value to your skills.

Learn more and sign up for Google AdWords certification.

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