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The Best 3 Jobs in America for 2017

by Fahad Saleem

Jobs industry and workplace reviews firm Glassdoor has published its list of the best jobs in America 2017 list, and not surprisingly, the top three jobs in America are from tech.

Data scientist

Data Scientist is the best job in America in 2017, and hopefully many years to come. The world is massively getting connected. The corporate world needs more and more data to make sense of the world, and to carve out marketing and business strategies that work. Data Science is a unique skill. It provides stepping stones for deep learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Marketing and Business Intelligence. Neural Networks cannot be made without deep data and patterns. A company cannot know what product or service to launch for optimal results unless it has the ability to predict based on the past and current market data. How to become a data scientist in 2017 is an obvious question that comes to mind after this report. Well, for starters, you must be good in math and probability. You should have a basic understanding of programming and machine learning. You can find a lot of free courses that will help you become a data scientist in 2017.

DevOps Engineer

Don’t get freaked out by this new fancy-looking term. A DevOps engineer could simply be called a software development and management engineer. DevOps is a practice based on agile relationship between Development and IT Operations. The intent of DevOps development working cycle is to maximize and optimize the communication between development teams and operations team and automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. A DevOps engineer is responsible for creating and maintaining processes that enable automation of builds and releases. If you want to become a DevOps engineer in 2017, take courses of software engineering to master the software engineering models and patterns that are used in the development cycles. You should also have a thorough understanding of programming languages.

Data Engineer

Data again. See how important data is becoming in these days? Data Engineer is the third best job in the US for 2017. According to Glassdoor, a data engineer takes home a median base annual salary of $106,000. Data Engineering is pretty close to Data Science. Data Engineers “create” and engineer data-based backend platforms to support data analysis. They are sometimes known as Business Intelligence (BI) Developers

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