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Best 7 Essay Writing Tips for Students


Essay writing is a necessity in the education sector as they impact the grades of a student. Therefore, a student needs to master essay writing skills to ease their school life. Students are required to write essays for their assignments as they move up the levels of learning. They are also required to write application essays when they seek admission to the university of their dreams. The importance of essay writing is heightened by job requirements such as CV and resumes. However, there are numerous resources for teaching students how to better their essay writing skills. This paper looks at seven of the best essay writing tips for students.

Write an interesting introduction

The introduction is the first chance you have to impress the reader and make them interested in what you have to say. An outstanding introduction makes the world of difference in how the reader is going to perceive the paper moving forward. Even if the body is interesting and packed with information, the reader will not appreciate it as much if you have a weak introduction. Therefore, your introduction should include a prediction of what the essay is about to spark the interest of the reader. For custom writing, ensure that you provide the reader with the direction the essay is going to take. If you aren’t good in essay writing, order custom essay from EduJungles. Be it education, research-oriented, or argumentative.

Understanding the assignment

Understanding the issues, you are going to discuss is important in creating a compelling essay. It will be an ultimate waste of time to write a topic that you barely comprehend because you will eventually fail to answer the intended question. This can be avoided however by taking some time to understand the requirements of the assignment and coming up with ways to arrive at the final answer. This can be done by paying close attention to the keywords used in the instructions. They will serve as the basis of your research and also help you understand the purpose of the paper more. Writers from Perfectessays service recommend looking at the prompt from a reader’s perspective and try to decode what he or she might expect from the reading.

Creating an outline

Creating an outline is an important step in essay writing because it helps the writer visualize the final essay. An outline contains the topics that you intend to address in the body and what manner. This ensures that your essay will have a sense of continuity and arrangement which the reader will appreciate. An outline also allows you to analyze the research that you have conducted and assign the strongest points to the different topics. If you have inadequate research, you can proceed to do more research consequently saving you time that would have otherwise been wasted researching while also writing. advises writers to utilize essay outlines to get rid of unnecessary information and research to avoid confusion when writing. Note-taking applications such as Evernote help come up with an essay outline.

Conduct adequate research

Research is needed for your essay to be informative and provide real value to the reader. By using selected keywords, you can make the research process easy, accurate, and fast. Also, frequently referring to the outline will ensure that you do not spend time looking for unnecessary information. Research can be a tedious and time-consuming process; therefore, you need to set a time limit to keep you on schedule. This period in writing can also provide an excuse for procrastination therefore, it is essential that you do not spend a lot of time here. If your time limit is up, you can start writing the essay with the information you have because you can always do more research when writing. Research is always constant among tips on how to write an essay; therefore, it is in your best interest to master the art.

Consider the length of the essay.

The length of an essay tends to vary depending on the topic being addressed. This issue is particularly discussed in length by college application and scholarship essay tips. Such essays provide a difficult situation for students as they try to figure out how much information is enough. Good essays should have a combination of both, short in that it goes straight to the point and long enough to ensure that everything about the topic is discussed. By looking at your essay outline, you can estimate the length of the paper that will adequately discuss all the points and also remove any unnecessary information that does not add any value to the overall essay.

Finish with a strong conclusion

Writing a conclusion can be challenging, however, there are tips you can utilize to maximize the conclusion. A solid conclusion is supposed to go over the issues discussed in the body and bring them into a satisfying resolution. The reader needs to be reminded of the important claims discussed in the body and provided with the final lesson or take away from the essay. This approach is relevant in formulating essay tips for college application because the conclusion is the final chance to impress the person reading your application essay. For a strong conclusion consider using the following techniques.

Pay attention to the thesis statement.

The thesis statement provides the direction the essay follows. Therefore, one of your essay conclusion should serve the purpose of satisfying the thesis statement.

Synthesize not summarize

A conclusion does not mean repeating information discussed in the body or introduction rather, offer a different perspective that agrees with what is discussed in the body.

Avoid new ideas

Do not introduce new ideas in the conclusion because it can be confusing. Also, you will not have enough space to explain the idea, therefore, leaving the reader with more questions.


After successfully editing your essay, you should read your work to look for any errors and misinformation. Also, it will give you a chance to correct any grammatical and punctuation errors present in the essay. Consider utilizing websites such as Grammarly that are helpful in proofreading.

By utilizing the above tips, you can be guaranteed of achieving a professional essay. Essay writing can be challenging at first but with enough practice, a student can improve their skills. The above tips should act as a checklist for each student to use to analyze the quality of their essay. Students can, therefore, worry less about their ability to writing an essay and focus their attention on the contents of the essay. Having the needed tips and knowledge will enable students to be more innovative and unique in how they tackle and address their issues.

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