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Best Alternative for Windows 10 Mobile Keyboard in Android

by Fahad Saleem

Windows 10 users still miss its mobile keyboard. The best part about the Windows 10 mobile keyboard was its layout and the small touches like precision stick control. Now, the users are searching for free or premium keyboards that resemble Windows 10 keyboard. Below are the best alternatives for Windows 10 mobile keyboard in Android.

Gboard – The Google Keyboard

Gboard is virtual keyboard App developed by Google for Android. It is probably the best third-party keyboard for Android with lots of features. The useful features include built-in search, glide typing, GIF search and a simple design. It is a pleasure typing using Gboard. It supports voice-to-text in many different languages. Moreover, a double tap on the space bar adds a full stop to the previous sentence. You can gently slide back and forth on the space bar to position your cursor at different locations. Gboard has a one-handed mode too which lets you shrink and position the keyboard where your fingers feel comfortable. It is the best alternative for Windows 10 mobile keyboard in Android.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Type faster with the SwiftKey keyboard App! It is a smart and customizable keyboard which learns your typing style. It has the best and most accurate predictions and auto-correct. It learns the words, phrases, and emoji which you use the most. You can select from hundreds of free keyboard themes available on SwiftKey or you can design your own keyboard too. It has features that make typing faster and comfortable. SwiftKey supports more than 200 languages out of which you can type with up to five languages without switching settings.

TouchPal Keyboard

The TouchPal Keyboard is one of the best alternatives for Windows 10 mobile keyboard in Android. It allows smart typing with endless fun. It uses Neural Language Model (NLM) to autocorrect typos and predict the next word with the highest accuracy. The keyboard has more than 1000 emoji which can predict the next emoji too. Moreover, it can convert words into GIF animations. The TouchPal keyboard supports more than 120 languages.  It has various themes or you can customize the keyboard yourself too.

Swype Keyboard

By using the Swype’s patented technology, users can input words fasters and effortlessly. It is more customizable with new themes and the emoji keyboard. It provides emoji in more accessible and visual way. Swype keyboard has shortcuts which let you perform tasks quickly such as switching languages, punctuation or select all. Moreover, it lets you enter words from two different languages at the same time. A four-in-one keyboard that lets you swype, type, write or speak.

Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy is the fastest and most private keyboard in the world. Everything you type stays on your device only. It has auto-correction for more than 45 languages and different swiping options. You can simply swipe left to delete an entire word. The Fleksy keyboard is available in different, cool themes which can be easily personalized. You can access your Apps from the keyboard without difficulty.



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