Best and Cheapest Chinese Cars You Can Buy

The automotive industry in China is the largest automotive production unit in the world in 2018. The country is selling and making the most cars than any other country. Below are the greatest and cheapest Chinese cars you can buy.

Wuling Hongguang S1 MPV

The most popular Chinese car sold is Wuling Hongguang, a compact multi-purpose vehicle. It is a seven-seat car with a versatile mini-van body style. This cheapest Chinese car you can buy has five doors with a longitudinal front engine and rear wheel drive. It has a variety of engines such as 1.2 L LMU I4, 1.2 L PTEC I4, 1.4L LCU I4 and 1.5L L2B I4. The car has a five-speed manual transmission. It includes electric power steering too. The internal features include an eight-inch multimedia display, USB accessibility, Bluetooth, phone connectivity, navigation, etc. The price for this cheapest Chinese car you can buy ranges from USD 9,500 to 10,900.

Baojun 510

A small crossover utility vehicle (CUV) made in China.  It has five doors with front engine and front wheel drive. There are two types of transmissions: six-speed manual and five-speed automatic. Baojun 510 has 1.5L L2B I4 engine. Its price ranges from USD 8,000 to 10,000. The car is just over four meters long. It has a nice interior with orange seats, many matte metal edges, an eight-inch touch-screen and a flat-bottomed steering wheel.

Changan CS55

The Changan CS55 is a five-seat SUV with a homogenous look. It has four-cylinder 1.5-litre turbocharged engine with varying valve timing. The headlamps, turn signals and daytime driving light has 22 LED chips. This cheapest Chinese car you can buy has a fuel tank capacity of 58 litres. Its optional contrast roof and 18-inch alloy wheels provide buyers a welcome degree of customization. Although being short on involvement, Changan CS55 is flawlessly comfortable. The company provides 10 years’ warranty for CS55. It will cost you USD 15,000.

Haval H6

The Haval H6 has GW4G15B engine which implements the latest technologies like intake inter-cooler, alum-alloy material and turbo charge. It adopts electronic stability program (ESP) including ABS, traction control system and hydraulic brake assist. It guarantees a better driving stability. The car has a keyless entry which means it has a push button start. The car doors open and close by using chip induction of a smart key. Moreover, this cheapest Chinese car you can buy has dual-zone automatic air conditioning. It has power heated seat which can keep you warm in cold weathers. Haval H6 costs approximately USD 15,000.

Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta is a comfortable ride with strong turbo engines and roomy back seat. It has a 147-hp turbocharged I4 along with front-wheel drive. The standard model has a six-speed manual but an eight speed automatic is available too. With a state-of-the-art infotainment system, leather seating and full LED lights makes it a perfect drive. It wouldn’t break the bank because it costs USD 14,000.

Fahad Saleem

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