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Best and Easiest Side Hustles to Make $500-1000 Per Month


Amid rising inflation and dwindling savings, more and more Americans are looking for side hustles to shore up their finances and supplement their main income. We scoured hundreds of Reddit threads to find out the most popular side hustles people are doing to make $500 to $1000 per month.

Selling Marketing, Copywriting, Digital Services

If you have worked on a skill, and your only struggle is to find clients, Redditors believe using common sense and pitching smartly could land you clients on Reddit and other platforms via cold emailing, sending personal messages. A Redditor said that he was able to get a $2000 gig through Reddit when he sent a personal message to a business during their interaction on Reddit. Here is what the Redditor said about his experience:


“I landed my first $2000 gig from Reddit.. Started with a detailed comment about how GoHighLevel works.. I DM’d & worked with that business for 10 months @ $2k/month.. absolutely changed my life.. I’m from your country. It’s tough if you don’t have real value to offer tier 1 businesses.”


Flipping is one of the most popular side hustles of Redditors. Many Redditors say they rake in $500 to $1000 easily selling used items they source for junkyards, online stores, thrift stories, etc. Here is a Redditor’s comment that got a lot of traction on Reddit since the poster even shared his eBay store link.

 I sell on eBay and Amazon, profit is about 55%. A bad month is $12,000. A good month is $30,000. The variance has to do with seasonality and how much time and effort I put into sourcing/listing. This Redditor sells rare books, media, video games, collectibles, DVDs.

Flipping furniture and household items is another popular category in the flipping business that can make you $500 to $1000 per month.

Airbnb Cleaning

In case you aren’t aware, there’s a huge shortage of Airbnb cleaners since people don’t want to pay Airbnb cleaning fee and Airbnb owners are almost always on the lookout for private cleaners. Airbnb cleaning is one of the most popular side hustles of Redditors. You can charge up to $30 to $35 per hour for Airbnb cleaning jobs. But how to find Airbnb cleaning jobs nearby?  Check out Turno and Breezeway platforms online and also search for Airbnb groups nearby and offer your services.

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