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Best and Most Useful Websites on Internet Which Can Change Your Life

by Fahad Saleem

Internet’s websphere may seem inundated with social media, videos, cats pics and entertainment which sometimes make it look like only a time waster but this post is going to change your perspective. There are some websites and tools which are truly incredible and could bring about a real change in your lives. You could not only kill time on these websites in the best possible way, you can make a routine to use them as they bring tangible results in your life. So here are the famous 20 useful websites which you should check out.

Useful Websites To Learn New Skills and Change Life

Khan Academy (Courses Website)

Online course websites are getting a huge hump these days, but there is no parallel to Khan Academy. From Math, Geography, Programming to Philosophy, Astronomy and Marketing, there is no skill and subject which is not taught here and that too at the best possible level. You should check out Khan Academy courses if you want learn new skills to make money or to get a job.

Justin Guitar (Guitar Skill Learning Website)

Guitar learning is a skill that could not only bring you a soothing experience in your routine, it could land you a perfect opportunity to make money. A guy name Justin runs this website where he teaches people how to play Guitar. You get to learn all the skills needed via videos and text tutorials.

Nerd Fitness (Fitness Guide Website for Starters)

The whole idea of Nerd Fitness website is to acclimatize normal people- people who don’t know anything about how to lose weight or get muscle and they are too shy to hit the gym or ask the experts- to the fitness. Fitness has become a monopoly of gym enthusiasts and hunks. So just open the website and you will feel at home. All the diet plans, exercise tutorials explained in a completely easy and new way.


Ever wondered what those stock markets are for? How people are making billions out of it and why those guys you see on Bloomberg frantically run here and there looking at some screens showing weird charts? Yes, I wonder too and being completely unaware of economics and markets knowledge, quickly move away. But not anymore. Investopedia is for people like us. You can learn the markets, basic definitions, how stocks work and how you can make money in stocks using this website.

Quora (Question-Answers Website)

If you haven’t used Quora yet, you are missing the real charm of the internet. Being the best question-answer website, Quota currently ranks among the most visited websites on the internet. Loaded with fascinating people sharing their life experience. Quora harbors treasures of free information, life advice and comments from the best people around the world.

CodeAcademy (Website to Learn Programming)

Coding and Programming are the top paid skills. If you didn’t get to learn these skills in College, no worries because a majority of famous coders out there learnt programming on the internet. Apart from Khan Academy (which we mentioned at the top), CodeAcademy could be of immense use to learn programming in the easy way. Check it out.

CIA’s World Fact Book (Facts Website)

If you are preparing for a competitive quiz, exam or just want to kill time productively, CIA’s factbook is a whole world full of facts. You can dig out facts related to just about anything in the world. Just check it out and you won’t be able to get rid of this addiction, I bet.

DuoLingo (Website to Learn Languages)

Neuroscience has proved that learning more languages enlightens the untapped parts of the brain, making you super intelligent. Learning a new language might sound very difficult, but in the presence of free websites, video tutorials and guides, you can do the job pretty easily. Duolingo is perhaps the best website to learn new and famous languages like German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, Japanese, English etc.

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