Best Android Games 2015


Winter must have had you all curled up in your warm beds and cozy rooms. What better time than this to play addictive games on your smart devices than this. So we thought it would be best if we gave you a dose of the best Android games 2015 in a go. Here it is, enjoy the fun.

Star Wars: Uprising

Price: Free

Yes it is that time of the year when Star Wars fans rule the streets; and the world too. So to match the occasion, here is a game you must check out before the dawn of the New Year. Play with millions of players worldwide and involve yourself in a brand new fight against the Empire.

Lara Croft: Relic Run

Price: Free

Are you a nostalgic Lara Croft fan? Wonderful if yes, even better if no. Run, swing, drive and swan through captivating and challenging arena to unveil the ancient relics and discover the mysteries to find out the truth. There is a huge arsenal of Lara’s weapon for you to build up on and win the frantic combats.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Price: Free

Well again, you know what the game must be about. It has all the known characters of The Walking Dead show and lets you fight your way out of the endless zombie packed post apocalyptic world. The game controls are epic and the experience is immersive. No doubt one of the best Android games 2015.

Marvel Future Fight

Price: free

It is the complete world of Marvel’s super heroes at your disposal to create a best team out of them. The goal is simple: stop the multiple dimensions of the multiverse from collapsing into each other – well not that simple after all; but fun for sure!

You Must Build a Boat

Price: $3.5

Before this game came up, you wouldn’t have thought there were so many ways you could adventure with a boat. Well, now you can! From building a boat to gathering your crew, from ending up in random dungeons and capturing monsters to casting spells and speed-building your boat, there is whole world of adventures out there in this one of the best android games 2015 for you to explore.

WWE Immortals

Price: Free

It’s your favorite WWE-Superstars-turned-immortals kind of cool game! They have their own signature moves, gear and support card. There is another twist: you can play the fantastical version of your favorite WWE Superstars with special powers and unique moves to become a massive immortal fighting machine the world has yet to see.

Minion Paradise

Price: Free

How about a vacation to paradise with Minions? It is as fun as it sounds. There is a whole tropical island which must be turned into a perfect vacation destination. It is the creation of Illumination Entertainment – the makers of Minions movie- to let you have fun in an epic Minionesque style. The best android games 2015 list would not be complete without a mention of the Minion Paradise.

Need for Speed: No Limit

Price: Free

Beautiful power pack cars and extreme racing are the hallmark of this time tested game. There are all the features in the world available for you to build your dream ride and then rule the streets. Have a taste of the underground car culture and up your rep by winning races and driving reckless if you must.

Hope this list serves as a happy reminder of the year 2015 as you buckle up for the New Year adventures.

Happy Gaming.

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