Best Android and iOS Apps of October

Best Android and iOS Apps of October

October 2014 offered plenty of exciting apps for users on all platforms. On one side, iOS 8 users are enjoying the third party apps on their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. On the other hand, Android users are also utilizing the innovative apps. This article lists down some of the best apps of October 2014, which will certainly fascinate you.


SwiftKey finally arrives for iOS 8 after Android as a wonderful predictive keyboard. It is the most iconic keyboard among third party apps. It presents excellent suggestions when you type something, based on your writing habits.

Reddit AMA

The Reddit’s Ask Me Anything sub-reddit is now a completely independent app. It allows you to engage in conversations, read the questions, and answer them like you do on your desktop Reddit. The app has recently arrived for iOS and Android and performs smoothly.


This is a wonderful iOS app that gives you valuable information about the star or the constellation you are looking at. You just need to hold your iOS device to the sky and the app will automatically focus and identify stars, planets, constellations, and more.



This is a fun iOS app that allows you to create wonderful 3D images from your imagination. Just allow your imagination to cut loose and draw anything you desire in 3D.


This is a fascinating Android app that allows you to add stylized text and illustrations to your pictures. You can also share your photos on Instagram. The app is beautifully crafted and contains latest fonts. It is not free, but not a bad option for just 99 cents.

Chrome APK Packager

The Android apps can now be run on Google Chrome with the help of a wonderful Android app called as Chrome APK Packager. Simply convert an Android app to the Chrome-friendly format, and run it on Chrome smoothly.


This one Android app performs multiple functions. This app can takes pictures of the person, trying to steal the password of your smartphone. It can create flowcharts, toggle WiFi settings, send email, remind you about various events based on your location or the time.


This is an amazing Android app that allows you to avoid getting stuck in rush hours on road. This app monitors the road and traffic conditions along your track and then alerts you about the expected conditions on the road.


It is an innovative Android app for video shooting. It is different in the sense that it records videos in the landscape mode regardless of the orientation of your smartphone. It allows you to capture the complete frames of videos.

This was the list of the best apps of October 2014 for iOS and Android. It is not possible to cover the huge range of quality apps which were released in October. However, this article has still sorted out the golden apps for the iOS and Android users.


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