Best Android Tablet Games of 2014

Best Android Tablet Games of 2014

Mobile gaming industry is surging with a boom lately. Tablets are perhaps the best devices to play games on; people love to enjoy tablet games on the go. This year offers some really innovative, challenging, exciting, and fun games for Android tablets. Let us have a brief look at the best Android tablet games of 2014.

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Threes! ($3.99)

It is an interesting but simple puzzle game. You will be challenged endlessly from one simple game mode. The heart-warming soundtrack and wonderful cast of characters will keep you engaged in the game for many hours. Even though, many clones of the game have been released, but Threes! still stands out tall among them.

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Smash Hit(Free)

It is an innovative and challenging endless runner game. It feels fresh and exciting as compared to the conventional endless runner games with minor tweaks. The first-person perspective is not amplified and you can focus more on the beautiful world around you. Tossing out marbles for shattering hazards is quite rewarding, but still physics-based aiming mechanics are wonderful.

CLARC (Free)

The gorgeous graphics of CLARC arouses the memories of Borderlands especially due to its tinted pastel and post-apocalyptic robotic insurgence. This game contains fast-paced deadly action of robots. CLARC is basically a puzzle game that mainly focuses on getting our hero through a factory to his robot love. The puzzles contain plenty of charm, variety, and excitement for users.

Hoplite (Free)

It is like a game of chess that gets complicated as you proceed further into the game. You need to tap around to move, dodge enemy bombs, arrows, and fireballs while attacking your enemies with your sword. As you complete challenges, you will be able to unlock more levels. You will be drowned in the intriguing nature of the game.

Angry Birds Space (Free)

The space-based version of the simplistic and addictive Angry Birds franchise is really awesome. It introduces some innovative concepts. The planet-based levels require different tactics. The puzzles need a bit more of a thoughtful approach.

Crazy Taxi City Rush (Free)

This app offers plenty of in-app purchases as you unlock various levels. You can buy interesting customizations and buy petrol for your taxi to continue playing after failed runs. It offers new, simple, and swipe-based control system for your touchscreen Android tablets.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout ($6.99)

This is an exciting shooting FPS game in 3D. You can play alone, fighting your enemies with your gun, and you can also take part in multi-player mode. Gameloft has offered everything in one installation of the game and you don’t have to buy the in-app purchases.

Pac-Man Championship Edition ($3.99)

Pac-Man CE takes your experience far beyond that of the conventional version of the game that has been cloned for many years. It is a fresh networking of the maze game, with superb graphics, scrolling mazes, and pumping sounds updating the concept for young generation of today.

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Enjoy the incredible range of Android tablets games released so far in 2014. Let us know your feedback in comments.

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