Best Apps to Speed Up Android Performance

Due to open source nature of Android, it is not controlled and regulated as in the case of iOS. The performance of Android OS is sluggish as compared to its competitors. You need to employ some apps to speed up Android performance. You have the provision of customizing the settings of Android in any way you desire. This feature should be utilized to optimize its performance. This article will review some of the best apps to speed up Android performance.

Clean Master

This app is developed by the Cheetah Mobile. It cleans up your phone’s app and system cache along with the temporary files. It also contains the memory saving phone boost tool, antivirus and app manager. You may disable the task-killer features of Phone Boost. However, you should utilize the Junk File tool to clean the temporary and windowed files. The app manager provides the backup of APKs, move apps to the SD card and also uninstall apps.

DU Speed Booster

It is another wonderful Android optimization tool which contains the trash cleaner for deleting the cache and junk files. It also offers the valuable services of one-touch accelerator, antivirus, app manager, a privacy advisor, and the built-in internet speed test. The junk files and cache cleaner is a wonderful feature of this tool which speeds up your Android’s performance.

SD Maid

This app maintains the storage on your SD card or internal storage by cleaning up the windowed files and the folders left behind by the uninstalled apps. This app is certainly great to free up some drive space and also plays a vital role in the periodic maintenance of the system. The free version of the app is really good, but you can enjoy the advanced options by purchasing the unlock key.


After enjoying the success on PC platform, Piriform’s CCleaner is also available for Android. It is simply the best tool to eliminate the craps out of your system. It s a multi-purpose tool that can clean up the application cache, browsing history, download folders, and other temporary files. It can also clean up the call and SMS log selectively or in bulk. The app is quite user-friendly without any irritating Ads. CCleaner also comes with the app manager, CPU, RAM, and storage meters, and some battery optimization tools.

CPU Tuner (Requires Root)

This handy tool allows you to monitor and tweak the performance of your CPU. You can play with the settings of the system’s governor, reduce the clock speed to save its battery, or increase the clock to improve the performance. You can also set various trigger-based performance profiles to ensure that your CPU performs as you desire. You need to research about the hardware performance before increasing or decreasing the clock speed.

BetterBatteryStats ($2.89, Requires Root)

Although, the Android settings menu provides some information about the battery status and about the energy usage, yet the detailed information is provided by some third party apps like BetterBatteryStats. It contains some wonderful tools for tracking apps that prevent the device from entering into the battery-saving sleep mode.

Greenify (Requires Root)

Greenify improves the performance of your system by putting the apps running in the background in the state of hibernation. It also allows you to run apps in the foreground when explicitly called by the user without any problem. When the apps are draining your resources, you must use this tool to keep the background processes in sleep mode.


These were some of the wonderful apps to speed up android performance of your smartphones and tablets. Most of these apps are available for free in the Google Play Store.


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