Best Bitcoin Stocks to Invest in 2017: Make Money Through Bitcoins

Buying actual bitcoins is too risky an investment for beginners. If you are looking to make money through bitcoins, the best way is to invest in companies which have exposure the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a massively volatile currency. On Saturday, bitcoin fell to new lows (below $2000) amid the recent selloff that is sweeping the cryptocurrencies worldwide. If you want to steer clear of the market uncertainty and yet make money bitcoins, invest in Bitcoin stocks.

Best Bitcoin Stocks to Invest

Bitcoin Investment Trust

Bitcoin Investment Trust (NASDAQOTH:GBTC) is one of the most famous Bitcoin stocks. It is an investment trust; a pool of companies having exposure to the crypto-currencies. You can buy this stock. However, be warned that this trust does not have a good reputation in the industry. Most of the analysts call this trust insanely overpriced and risky.


Retail stocks of companies which have started accepting Bitcoins as valid currencies should be acquired if you want to make money using Bitcoins. This is because these stocks gain value when bitcoin’s value increases. The best retail stock to buy to take profits on Bitcoin is (NASDAQ:OSTK). This is the first major retail company to start accepting bitcoins (3 years ago). It has an increase and mature exposure throughout the crypto-currencies world.

Goldman Sachs

Investment firm Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) has big plans when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The firm has a special business segment, known as Principal Strategic Investments Group, whose main job is to pool investors’ money into technology-based currencies.

Nvidia Corporation (NVDA)

Bitcoin miners need excellent, high-performance GPUs to mind and process Bitcoins. And Nvidia is the most famous GPU company in the world. Nvidia is totally aware of the gold mine it is sitting on. Last month, the company launched a Bitcoin mining-specific GPU called ASUS Mining P106. This GPU dramatically increases the hash-rate and efficiency of Bitcoin mining. The demand for GPUs for Bitcoin mining will keep increasing in the near future, and Nvidia will keep monetizing.


ARKW was the first ETF to start channeling its money into the Bitcoin industry. It’s always safe to invest in ETFs. AWKW continues to invest in Bitcoins and return huge profits to the investors. The ETF is up more than 44% since the start of this year.


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