Best Budget Laptop Bags for Men

Laptop bags have become a necessity for every laptop owner these days. Apart from their basic purpose of protection, laptop bags are now a fashion item. Your laptop bag should be stylish, funky, unique and spacious in order to let you place more items in it apart from laptop and also to raise some eyebrows out there. If you are a college student, CEO, engineer, teacher or any normal user of laptop and looking for the best budget laptop bags, this article illustrates some of the best budget Laptop Bags for men. Let’s get started.

Best Budget Laptop Bags for Men

AmazonBasics Laptop Bag 

AmazonBasics Laptop bag is a product of US based company.

This bag is one size fits for all type laptop bag. It is cheap, spacious and extremely easy to handle. It has a minimalist design with 3-4 pockets. You can put it this bag laptop your cables, cords, phone charges, pens, diaries, papers and tablet. Outer pocket has enough space and zip to protect a tablet. This is the best bag if you are not looking for something extraordinary, and just want to get a cheap, graceful and long lasting laptop bag.

Filson Padded Laptop Bag

Filson Padded Computer Bag is my personal favorite. Loaded with leather reinforcements in the insides and rugged aesthetic body on the outside, this laptop bag never lets rain,

water or air inside. It has multiple compartments and you can literally put multiple laptops inside it if you want to. I love its slightly beige and brown color. But there are other colors available too. Zips are great and durability feedback is excellent. However, this laptop is from the high-end product line and that’s why its cost is a bit higher. This laptop bag is good for CEOs and people who are looking to make one-time spending.

Chrome Industries Excursion bag

This laptop bag is one of the most rugged, solid and durable laptop bags out there. It has U-shaped locks,  a handle to drag the bag and straps. Its cardinal feature is its complete water-proof feature. Many laptop bags claim to be water-proof, but they fail the test when the hour arrives. But this laptop bag is tested and feedback testifies its performance.

Incase Range Backpack

Incase’s Range backpack is one of the best budget laptop bags. It has space, padded straps, ergonomic support for long-distance walk and drag with bag and much more. This bag has an adjustable straps.

Dakine Chris Benchetler Team Heli Pro

Here comes the beast. This bag is the best for freelancers, movers, mountaineers who cannot dispense with their laptop and work while on the move. This bag provides more than enough space for laptop, tablets, food packs, shoes, clothes and much more. It’s basically for tourists who cannot carry separate bags for clothes and laptops. It’ all in one bag and that too in a very reasonable price.

Herschel Supply Company Retreat Backpack

This Herschel Supply laptop bag is for those people who want a tiny, graceful, sleek and soft laptop bag. This bag gives a sober, corporate look. It has strong straps around the main case and compartment for the laptop. There are one to two pockets outside in which you can put your diary, pen or charges. The laptop is easy to carry and the colors available for this bag are just remarkable.

Images Taken From: DigitalTrends

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