Best Business Apps and A Must-Have-Apps for Entrepreneurs

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Best Business Apps and A Must-Have-Apps for Entrepreneurs

As more African countries embrace 4G LTE connectivity, this means mobile users can connect faster and in a more reliable. For entrepreneurs, this presents a new frontier full of new opportunities. Now you can better use business apps while on the go, and take your business to the next level.

Today Innov8tiv looks at some of the best business apps (not just for African market entrepreneurs) for entrepreneurs and employees that will increase your productivity. There is a growing proliferation among employees coined ‘Bring Your Own Device (BOYD)’. Studies suggest that 37 percent of employees who use apps to do their job would be willing to pay for the premium services with money from their own pocket. So as an entrepreneur you might want to consider encouraging BOYD in your organization.

Top 5 Business Apps for the Smart Entrepreneur

Dropbox: If you run an organization from multiple locations, this is the best file management app. You can easily create documents from one device at any given location and then access the same document from another device at a different location. It also a great app for file management for your employees located at different location. Sure there is always that option of sending files document as email attachments in between your employees, but Dropbox gives you superior cloud-based file management platform.

Quip: Riding on the notion that teamwork is the best business approach. This one of the best apps out there if you want to collaborate and work as a team; giving you functions like chat, spreadsheets, checklist, and documents while on your mobile and on the move. Collaboration has never gotten easier on your mobile, and the best part is; it works on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Hence, you don’t have to restrict your business associates and employees to a particular mobile operating system.

Shoeboxed: This is not just for entrepreneurs but any adult out there who pays his/her own bills. For any business, receipts filing is very important. Even those once you think are not so important could make your next encounter with the auditor a smooth experience. Shoeboxed app is a handy app that lets you upload any paper document by taking a picture of it using your Android mobile device. The app then uses text-recognition software to extract the important information on the document (dates, total charge, vendor, contacts, payment type, etc.) and stores them in a database. You can then easily search for the receipts from the database stored in your smartphone anytime and anywhere. This app helps you stay organized and save you time and money that would have otherwise gone to filing expenses.

Agenda Maker: For Android devices, this app helps you in organizing all your business meetings by getting everybody on the same page even before the actual meeting kicks off. With this app, you will be able to create a highly detailed outline of upcoming events and meetings, and it will send out the agenda to all the attendees for the scheduled meeting via email notification. It has a feature that will enable you select the attendees easily from your address book.

Google Calendar: There are many calendar apps on Google Play, but I doubt if any beats Google’s Calendar. With the recent updates, the new Google Calendar can automatically grab information about upcoming event directly from your email inbox and make that information an event on your calendar. How slick is that?

These are the top five apps for business apps any entrepreneur ought to have on his/her smartphone. The above five app would be a good start to get you going, plus they are ‘top in their class’ of apps.

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