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Best Cases and Accessories for iPhone X

by Fahad Saleem

As we all know that iPhone X has an entire glass body for the front and back, thus, it is the most breakable phone. It is recommended that you put this fragile iPhone in a cover which will protect it from dents, scratches and broken screens. Moreover, why not pair up your iPhone X with additional accessories to make it cooler. So, here are the best cases and accessories for iPhone X.

Best Cases and Accessories for iPhone X

Silk Base Grip Case

This best case for iPhone X is thinner and lighter than most of the other cases. It provides more grip than other iPhone X cases which means your iPhone is least expected to slip out of your hand. Thus, Silk Base Grip provides the best combination of design, features, protection and price.

Silk Vault

Silk Vault is a wallet case for iPhone X; one the best cases for iPhone X. It has space for enough cards; it may replace some people’s wallets. Moreover, it reveals less of your cards compared to other similar cases. We can only see a thumbnail-sized top of the card.

Apple Leather Case

The iPhone X leather care provides enough coverage to protect your iPhone against minor drops and most scratches. The cover is thin and lightweight. The Apple leather case has nine different colors to choose from. It is made out of specially tanned and finished European leather.

Otterbox Defender

This one of the best cases for iPhone X is bulky, but it will surely protect your iPhone X from all kinds of impacts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t protect the screen. So, you will have to put a protector for the screen.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

This iPhone X case is best for video binging, it has a built-in metal kickstand. The case is slim and reasonably priced. Spigen Ultra Hybrid S provides great protection of drop-proof from up to four feet high.

Lumee Duo

Lumee Duo is the best case for iPhone X for taking perfect selfies. It has adjustable lights on the front and back of the case to brighten up your lovely face which results in a great selfie.

Mophie Wireless Charging Base

Apple has added Qi Wireless charging in iPhone X, you definitely need this one of the best accessories for iPhone X. It has 7.5 Watt for fast charging. Moreover, the top is made of a non-slipping material which prevents your iPhone X from dropping.


These are one of the best accessories for iPhone X. They are specially designed to work flawlessly with all your Apple products including the iPhone X. It has the unique Siri functionality too. AirPods definitely have improved comfort than EarPods.

Belkin 3.5mm Audio + Charge Rockstar iPhone Adapter

This iPhone adapter will solve a major problem of iPhone X i.e. unable to charge the phone and listen to wired audio at the same time. Also, it lets you use your old wired headphones, which doesn’t have the lightening port.


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