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Best Chrome Extensions to Become Productive, Efficient in 2020

by Fahad Saleem

We all use Google Chrome to use the internet and scour the nooks and corners of the web. Life becomes extremely easy and productive with useful Google Chrome extensions. 2019 saw tons of new Chrome extensions. Here are some that would make you efficient and productive in 2020 and beyond.


Can’t stop yourself from wasting time on Facebook and YouTube? Install StayFocusd now. This Chrome extension is brutally strict when it comes to productivity. Just add Facebook and YouTube or any other website where you waste your time in this extension and it will block them after a specific time period.


We are signing up for more and more services and apps daily. We also keep forgetting passwords. Instead of using that ‘forgot password’ option daily and wasting time, just use LastPass Chrome extension. It’s secure and one of the most famous password managers in the world.


Chrome sucks when it comes to data management. Whether it’s about fixing a technical glitch or speeing up web page load times, we always need to clear cache in Chrome almost daily. Get Click&Clean Chrome extension now to clear cache and delete history with just one click.

Save to Facebook

This Chrome extensions helps you bookmark and save articles, images, posts or any type of content for later reference. As the name suggests, this extension saves all the content in Facebook saved tab. If you use Facebook a lot, this extension could make Facebook your central platform of learning.

Instagram for Chrome

You should stop checking your phone again and again to see your Instagram notifications during office and work hours. Simply install this Chrome extension so you can quickly check who liked your photo or who followed you on Instagram during work on Chrome.

The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender is a lifesaver for those who have a habit of opening too many tabs on Chrome. This extension temporarily suspends inactive tabs, stopping them from eating your Chrome memory, making your Chrome performance better.


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