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Best Cooking YouTube Channels 2019

YouTube is famous for all the food lovers out there. There are many videos being uploaded on it every day for you to learn from. From delicious recipes to cutting tips to healthy food; they cover it all. Here are the best cooking YouTube channels 2019.


This is a Buzzfeed channel on YouTube which was launched in 2016. The channel has more than 9 million subscribers. The channel is not just about cooking; it is more about fun mini-series from which you can learn many unique recipes.

Laura in the Kitchen

You all must be family with one of the most popular lady Laura who posts tons of YouTube videos on her channel Laura in the Kitchen. The videos have a lot of helpful tips from which you can learn and apply to your regular home cooking easily. She teaches how to cook a wide variety of different dishes. Laura is a regular cook just like you all.

Food Wishes

This one of the best cooking YouTube channel 2019 is run by Chef John, a hilarious, quirky man. People enjoy his fun-filled cooking videos. The chef has many years of experience so his tips are always quite helpful. His videos range from simple to complex recipes with tons of techniques for you to gobble down.

Bon Appetit

This channel has a huge variety of whatever you can think of. From fancy food to silly instructions to easy recipes. This channel is famous because its producers really know food and they know how to present it beautifully and in a way which is approachable. The channel is very smart and pleasantly modern. It is full of recipes you will surely admire.

Binging with Babish

This excellent channel is run by the famous Chef Andrew Rea. He takes on food from pop culture which is full of useful cooking information. For example, he will teach you how to make pasta from scratch. You will get to learn many exclusive and distinctive food techniques from this one of the best cooking YouTube channel 2019.

Serious Eats

This channel is for all the foodies who have ever watched Alton Brown’s Good Eats. The director takes a scientific approach to cooking by not just sharing the food recipes through the channel but also offering full detailed explanations. The explanations are for sure the strongest building block for the new chefs. The videos are funny but logical at the same time.


PBS is one of the best cooking channels 2019 you must follow to learn some amazing recipes. The cooking videos are by Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. Their videos are very famous and everyone loves to watch the delicious and easy recipes. The videos are shockingly smart and beautifully explained for any new beginner to learn from.



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