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Best, Coolest Tech Gadgets and Accessories To Buy Under $20

Having tech gadgets and accessories makes life a lot easier. It’s sometimes unfathomable to imagine how little items could bring a change in our life, and make day to day tasks easy and fun. In this article, we will talk about the best tech gadgets and accessories under $20 budget. This budget is fairly affordable for almost everyone teenagers and college students.

Flash Drive

Online storage services and Cloud apps may seem ubiquitous, but they aren’t cheap. Google Drive Dropbox and OneDrive asks you to pay a lot of money once you cross their free storage space. That’s why you should always have a USB or flash drive. You can buy a 64GB-128GB USB or flash drive under $20 pretty easily.

Lock Port

A lock port if a nifty gadget to make sure your devices are safe. It also helps in tidying the wire clutter. You can buy famous lock ports made by companies like Kensington.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Yup! A Bluetooth keyboard comes under the budget of $20. In fact, the best Bluetooth keyword which you can pair with tablets and attach with your laptop and PC is made by Anker, and it comes just in $14.

Power Bank

This is definitely a must have gadget, given the amount of time we spend on our smartphones. You can find a lot of portable power banks under $20, but I would recommend Xiaomi power bank and Jackery power bank.

Laptop Case

A hard laptop case is necessary to protect your laptop screen and body. If you are going out or planning to travel with your laptop, you must equip your machine with a case because any shock, bump or crash could damage your laptop permanently. So why not spend a scant amount of bucks on a good, long-lasting case.

Mobile Phone Holder

Don’t be like those weird and silly people who hold their smartphone in one hand with Google Maps open and drive with the other. If you are like me, who needs Google Maps navigation quite often, you must buy a mobile phone holder. Using this amazing gadget, you can always put your phone in front you use and use your phone hands, at the same time having the smartphone in plain sight. I recommend holders from Dreo and Spigen.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard viewer is one of the coolest gadgets you can have, not only to impress others, but to spend some real fun time. Google’s Cardboard is the best sneak peek in budget into the VR world of the future

Laptop Stand

Never put your laptop on your lap because its radiations and heat could wreak a havoc on your body. Instead, buy a budget laptop stand. It is fold-able, stretchable, and you can work by lying on your bed or sitting on a sofa without the need of any desk or table.

Mobile Arm Band

Mobile wristband really helps while running, or in situations when you have to have your hands free, but also need your mobile in front of you. You can buy this amazing and useful gadget under $20.

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