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Best Crypto Startups of 2018: Innovative Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Businesses

by Fahad Saleem

Cyptocurrency is the talk of the town these days. Several Crypto startups spring up daily, as experts predict that the crypto market will be worth in trillions. Bitcoin and crypto startups are vowing to change the future of money, and hence the human societies. It all startup with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a type of digital cryptocurrency and a worldwide payment system which was initially released in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency; it operates independently from a central bank. No one is aware of the future of Bitcoin and it is mostly unregulated. Government is mindful of their lack of control over currency and taxation. Below are the best crypto startups of 2018.

Open Bazaar

Open Bazaar, founded in 2015, is Washington DC-based decentralized cryptocurrency marketplace that allows users to deal online. It has a downloadable, open-source platform which aids P2P transactions without selling and posting the fee of Amazon and eBay. A new way to trade online. Users have to simply set up their store and can start selling their items within no time. The payments are made in Bitcoin. You can easily connect to other users on the Open Bazaar network and trade with them.


It is one of the best crypto startups of 2018 which was founded in 2017 and is built on Ethereum platform. It endows clients and freelancers around the world. Coinlancer is trying to change the traditional way of freelancing by leveraging blockchain technology.

IXO Foundation

This one of the best crypto startups of 2018 has found a path to tokenize charitable contributions. They have formed a blockchain product that lets organizations and individuals to create an account and record their social contributions, charitable activities and volunteer jobs. If you have performed an act of charity, you will get a credit for it. The users each impact claim will be proved by an investigator before being recorded in the Global Impact Ledger. The credits you will earn can be used to trade them for grants and subsidies.


Would you want to get rewarded in Bitcoin for learning about Bitcoin? This one of the best crypto startups of 2018 is doing something like this. It is an educational project. By taking part in a written online test after learning about blockchains, ExtraCredit rewards users in its own cryptocurrency. This would help the individuals get awareness about cryptocurrencies while earning some much-needed money.


Helperbit is a charitable bitcoin platform which is one of the best crypto startups of 2018. By using this platform, users can make prompt donations globally to victims of natural disasters. On the site, you will find a map with problem areas along with a list of required donations. The funds would be transferred to the recipient hassle-free and without any intermediaries. Furthermore, anyone registered on this platform can track how their donations are being utilized.

DeskBell Chain

This is a platform for hotel businesses which is introducing the blockchain technology in the tourism industry. This platform would unite the hotels and their guests into a mutual motivation. The rewards received would be the DBT tokens which can be utilized for the socialization of tourist services. The token owners will receive DeskBell services which they can sell directly to travel businesses and hotels in DeskBell.

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