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Best Cydia Sources for iOS 9: Get Best Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone 6s, 6s Plus

by Fahad Saleem

iOS 9 is out and, as expected, so is its jailbreak. The iOS 9, 9.0.2 untethered jailbreak Pangu was launched and now the jailbreak for iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and other iOS devices running iOS 9 is pretty stable. With every new iOS update, the repos also get tweaked. Cydia repos are the key. They are resources for all the best jailbreak tweaks which you could install in your iPhone to make your life easier, more fun and enjoyable. Let’s see the best Cydia sources for iOS 9. This will be helpful for all the users of new iPhone 6s, 6s Plus or any other iOS device.

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Best Cydia Sources for iOS 9

Ryan Petrich

Anyone with a scarce experience of jailbreaking world knows about Ryan Petrich, a famous developer who has been launching jailbreak tweaks and technology since years. Petrich has launched stable Activators for iOS 9 alongwith some other tweaks. You can’t afford to miss his repo. Here is the link:


Karen’s Repo

Karen’s Repo is also known as the “Pineapple Repo”. It contains very nifty tweaks. You can get jailbreak tweaks like AppSync Unified, SafariSaver, PreferenceOrganizer 2, and IneffectivePower for your iOS 9 device from here. Karen is also maintaining a secondary repo which has some very advanced level cydia tweaks which are mostly used by app developers. Enjoy!


iCleaner Pro

Ivano Bilenchi, the man behind the famous iCleaner Pro tweak is maintaining this Cydia repo which is a nice collection of some beta software released. There are different versions of iCleaner software available. While this is cannot be called as the best resource stack, it is for sure one of the best Cydia sources for iOS 9.


F.lux Repo

If you want to spice up your display, aesthetics, look and feel in your new iPhone/ iOS 9, the best tweak for this is F.lux. Flux tweak is very famous. This repo contains all the stable versions of Flux along with some other useful tweaks. Check out this repo at this link:

CP Digital Darkroom Repo

CP Digital Darkroom Repo is by far one of the best Cydia repos for iOS 9 I have come across. It packs really useful tweaks to make your everyday iPhone usage experience rich. This repo also hosts Medusa tweak, which is well known for giving rich features like Split-Screen and View,  Picture-in-Picture mode and Split View in the device which do not even support these features. You can also get a myriad of other multi-tasking features for your iOS 9 devices from this resource.


Forty Six & Two Repo

Forty Six & Two Repo is a relatively new Cydia repo for iPhone, and got popularity because of the Hapticle tweak, which gives the Haptic feedback feature for old, non-supportive iPhones. This repo is becoming famous swiftly and has some other useful tweaks for iOS 9.


HASHBANG Productions Repo

HASHBANG Productions Repo packs really useful Cydia tweaks for iOS 9 like DailyPaper, MapsOpener, Storealert, BrightVol. All these tweaks deal with day-to-day tasks and features which an iPhone user grapples with.


These were some of the best Cydia sources for iOS 9. You can use these repos to install best Cydia tweaks for iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, or even old iOS devices.

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