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Best Data Science and Big Data companies in the World

by Fahad Saleem

Data science is one of the hottest jobs in the world. Data science is a way to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms. Companies that work in data science use this method to ascertain a wide variety of results, fields ranging from counter terrorism to marketing strategy formation, the avenues that these organizations tread are brilliantly innovative.

Following are some of the best data science and big data companies in the world.


Trifacta primarily deals with assisting data projects, utilizing machine learning Trifacta enables efficient data wrangling. Providing an ease of workflow, architecture and a better user experience, allowing time saving and higher productivity.


The foundation of Workday Prism Analytics, Platfora data preparation allows the user a refined manner of dealing with statistics analytics and Organizational management. Platfora provides products such as Financial Management, Financial Performance Management, Human Capital Management, Prism Analytics, Professional Services Automation and Data-as-a-Service.


Mangodb is a database platform  catering to developers by providing the power of software and data assisting in the building of their applications. Mangodb ensures leverage data and technology to maximize competitive advantage, reduced risk for mission-critical deployments, accelerated time-to-value and dramatically lower total cost of ownership.

The design philosophy powering Mangodb centers around merging the primary functions of relational databases and NoSQL technologies generating a result that possesses the best of both.

Orbital Insight

Orbital Insight focuses on processing applications that allow use of the captured data for governments and businesses alike.

Analyzing traffic patterns, growth rations, mapping poverty levels generating real time response and accuracy for NGOS and local governments alike, Orbital Insight has its sight set on data processing for an interconnected future.


Cylance is a provider of services to solve security problems and cybersecurity products globally.  Applying artificial intelligence, algorithmic science and machine learning to cyber security

Allowing for governments and end users to proactively deal with the word’s most complex security problems. With the application of a unique mathematical process, Cylance accurately identifies threats and non-threats. An understanding of a hacker’s mentality along with coupling sophisticated math and machine learning, Cylance allows its clients to be predictive and preventive against advanced threats.

Palantir Technologies

Palantir is lead by famous billionaire Peter Thiel. The company focuses on the failure of automated approaches against adaptive adversaries and the all-or-nothing access controls that forced organizations to make unacceptable trade-offs between collaborating and securing sensitive data from misuse. Aimed to address the problems in its own way.

Scale speed and agility, equipped with data fusion platforms and analytical applications, Palantir offers data solutions in a wide verity of fields ranging from Automotive Case Management, Cyber Defense, Financial Compliance, Insurance, manufacturing and Pharma: RWE

Voyager Labs

Voyager Labs focus on developing core technologies that have the ability  to analyze a number of data points that range in the billions, across the world, originating from different sources in real time.

“Voyager Labs utilizes cutting-edge deep learning and cognitive computing algorithms to make the world a better place.” –Voyager labs

Featuring unprecedented capabilities for analyzing in real-time billions of publicly available unstructured data points the voyager labs’ cognitive computing deep-insights platforms are armed with data from a wide variety of sources. They can understand and predict human behavior. Enabling the creations of real-time dynamic insights.


An advanced AI platform providing intelligent conversational interfaces. MindMeld is a platform with the capability of generating intelligent conversational experiences for any website, device or app.

Supplying conversational assistants that understand what users say and provide the information they need, MindMeld has a large market, they are producing Deep-Domain Conversational AI to Power the Next Generation of Voice and Chat Assistants.


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