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Best Discounted Apps in Apple App Store on its 6th Birthday

by Fahad Saleem

Best Discounted Apps in Apple App Store on its 6th Birthday

On The birthday of its App Store, Apple always puts a discount on many of the apps or makes some apps free. It is the sixth birthday of App Store, and to celebrate it, Apple has created a fair as a birthday treat for all its users. Some of the best apps which were discounted this year are as follows.

1.    Monument Valley

This game received about a million downloads from App Store within a month of its release. The price of this game was $4 and after discount, it now costs $2. This game requires players to guide Princess Ida through impossible architecture to reach next level.

Download: $2

app store 2


2.    Threes

One of the most attractive and most addictive game on the App Store. This is a very simple and light game which requires users to make bigger number blocks using smaller ones. This is similar to the game 2048. This game cost $2 and now it costs $1.

Download: $1

app store 3


3.    Timer Flo Pro


This app lets you set deadlines for your work. You can also use this app as a stopwatch and reminder. You can put your daily schedule on it. This app is one of the best schedule based apps on App Store and it is now free.

Download: Free


app store 4

4.    Pinswift

This app is very efficient in making pin boards and creating bookmarks in the form of pins on your pin board. This app is compatible with almost all of the popular browsers. The price for this app was $5, now it is $1.

Download: $1

app store 5


5.    Assassin’s Creed Pirates


Based on one of the most popular gaming series, Assassin’s Creed, this game is pretty much worth playing, but not of worth $5, which was its previous price. This is now free on the app store. This game may not be perfect but it will bring some adventure to you for sure.

Download: Free


app store 6

6.    GPS Location

This app is useful for seeing a GPS location with accurate coordinates and accurate time. You can share your own location using this app on SMS, Twitter or Facebook. On launch, your current location is on the center of the map. This app was for $1, now it’s free.

Download: Free

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7.    Symmetrain

The idea of this game is to create symmetry on both sides of the track of the train. It simply looks like a spot the difference game. This game cost $1, now it’s free.

app store 8

Download: Free

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