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The best DVD Player for your Windows 10 device

by Felix Omondi
windows dvd players

These days, streaming your movies seems like the normal thing to do, and the ISP and showbiz corporates want you doing just that as it serves their best interest. Entertainment content creators, video streaming platforms, and ISP are working in cahoots with one another like a cartel to tell you streaming is better that downloading for later offline viewing.

However, there are some instances when streaming makes the most sense; you want to watch a movie but have no time or means to go out and buy the DVD. Nonetheless, I am certain you still have hordes of DVD disks lying around your house, and you may have discovered the frustration in watching them on your Windows 10 PC.

Well, in Windows 10, Microsoft deprecated DVD playback feature in its Windows 10 Media Player. If you must use Microsoft’s product to play your DVD, then you will have to go to Windows Store and pay $15 to download the Windows DVD Player app.

Windows DVD Player

When you go to the Windows Store and search for Windows DVD Player, you will notice the low reviews and harsh feedback users have given the app. That is probably most people feel it is an app that should be available for free on Windows, and since they were forced to purchase it, then it should be bug dvd players

If you are a die-hard Microsoft fan, then you can get the Windows DVD Play from the Windows Store for $15, and it’s somewhat crappy, or you could get any of the following free (and better) alternative:

VLC Media Player

When it comes to viewing Blu-ray, DVDs, and CDs discs on Windows, VLC Media Player is solid. This free open-source app can play not just DVDs and the said discs, but also music and videos stored on your PC or home dvd players

Though VLC is free, it is also built by an open-source program, a little donation from you every now and then will go a long way in motivating the developers to keep churning out great features and support. You can download VLC from the VideoLAN website.


This app not only plays DVD discs but plays high-def. videos and can stream online radio stations. Apple fans will really enjoy the fact that it has a built-in Apple AirPlay feature that enables you stream both audio and video from your iPhone to your Windows PC. You can also stream videos from YouTube and other video stream dvd players

5KPlayer is a product by DearMob and you can download it from the official website. 5KPlayer gives you many cool feature making it a robust and versatile DVD player.

Daum’s Pot Player

This player can handle any DVD, Blu-ray, and CD discs you can throw at it. It goes further to support 3D glasses giving you that richer video watching experience in 3D dvd players

You can download the Pot Player from its official website.

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