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Best Essay Rewriting Tips


There will come a time during your academic career where an essay will have to be rewritten. This is most common when working on a large paper that requires several edits. When you start, a rough draft will be used and even while working on drafts, revisions and edits will be required. The most effective essays are those that have been rewritten multiple times to result in stronger phrases and more effective communication. There are also times when your writing style just doesn’t work. In these cases, students will have to rewrite an entire paper to meet structure and formatting requirements.

If you are faced with a task of rewriting an essay, here are some useful tips that can help. When performing the rewrite, it is important to be more attentive to details. You may not always have to rewrite a paper from scratch There are times when valuable ideas can be reused , eliminating the need for new research.

Organize the Process

The task of rewriting will be easier if you have steps in place. Start by printing a copy of the essay. Reading it in printed form can often help you pick up mistakes that need corrections. You can also read an essay aloud to hear how it flows and pick up on awkward wording. As mistakes are detected, make sure to note them and refer to these notes when rewriting. Avoid focusing on each individual sentence. Instead, focus on one paragraph at a time and get some feedback from others!

Pay Attention to Writing Styles

When you are rewriting an essay, it is important to be consistent and always use proper language. This will show that you have good writing skills and have knowledge of the subject being covered. Some things you should avoid when writing any academic paper include informal language, long and wordy sentences, repetitive structures of sentences, and a lack of vocabulary that is specific to the subject. Rewriting a paper from scratch can be a hassle, but it may be the only option if you need to make major changes.

Improve the Content

When rewriting, there is a great opportunity to improve the overall quality of the paper to receive better grades. This can be done with some time and effort or you can use the best essay writing service for help. During this process, you will have to identify the weak points in the paper. Many writers will overlook these things which is why an essay writing service is beneficial. Professionals can help you find those weak points and even assist with editing tasks.

Here are some questions to ask when trying to find areas that will need improvement:

Are all questions from the prompt covered?

Does it lack explanations or evidence?

Does the paper have a specific thesis statement?

Are arguments compelling?

Is enough evidence provided?

Does the essay contain irrelevant information?

If any of these issues are present in the paper, starting from square one may be the best option.

Improving Sentence Clarity

When writing an essay, whether you are just getting started or have to edit and rewrite, clarity is essential. The paper should provide clear and concise information that is easy for readers to understand. A few sentences can be added so that you can clarify details and avoid misunderstandings. When doing this, be sure to use strong phrases. Here are some tips that can be used when improving clarity:

Use logical transitions between different ideas

Use active voice

Make use of action verbs

Keep a simple flow that is not interrupted

Provide basic context before introducing any new information


If you must make changes to an essay and start from scratch, these tips can help you design a new draft that is organized and structured. By taking time to improve writing styles and sentence structure, students will be able to create a new essay that fits the bill and achieve better grades.

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