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Best Fortnite Aiming Tips to Become a Pro

by Fahad Saleem

The key to winning the game in Fortnite is aiming like a pro. Timing and speed is everything in this game, so you have to be quite accurate. The player has to plan smart strategies and speed simultaneously and instantly. You can easily become an expert with practice and focus. It is true it takes time to be best at aiming but here are the best Fortnite aiming tips that will help you.


For all shooting games like Fortnite, it is necessary to have a mouse with the best sensitivity. The better the mouse sensitivity, the better it helps to move in different directions really fast. If the sensitivity is kept low, the aiming response time is decreased, but it gives better perfection. The best setting is to not keep sensitivity too low or too high. Set it accordingly so that you can quickly spot the player and aim your weapon at its best.

Target the Right Point

The best point to shoot your enemy is at either their neck or shoulder. Once the enemy is spotted, move your corsair to the neck or shoulder and shoot. It is quite useful if you are trying to shoot a moving target as there is a small time delay between the bullet speed and target movement.


One of the best Fortnite aiming tips is to focus more on crouching instead of jumping. Jumping puts your aim out of focus and it takes some time to reset it again to the target. So, it is best to practice more on crouching as it has a lot of benefits. When you are crouching, the speed decreases, which in return increase the weapon accuracy, especially if you are using a medium-range assault rifle. Crouching lets you spend more on aiming.

Range of Weapon

The range of weapon determines if you will hit the opponent in the head or not. The key to win Fortnite is to maintain a good range of weapon to shoot for maximum damage. If you are really far away from the opponent, the bullet damage is decreased. Explore the range section of your weapon to figure out if it gives you better range or not. The best range is given by Assault Rifle, Light Machine Guns, and Machine Guns.

Understanding Combat

Fortnite gives you so many combat opportunities which can help in best Fortnite aiming tips. If you are aiming your target in a close range situation, use a shotgun to shoot instead of a rifle. Also, in a one-to-one fight, jump around your opponent to make it harder for them to hit you or you can stand still and try to land your shots to eradicate the enemy quickly.

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