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Best Free Addictive Shooting Games for Android

by Fahad Saleem

Shooting games have this unique and peculiar charisma which keeps us playing them for hours. Android has some great free shooting games which are guaranteed to make your time pass a lot more fun. Whether it’s playing first person shooter or s simple shooting game with a simple plot to kill birds or ducks, shooting games are the most popular mobile games. Here are the best free Android shooting games.

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Best Free Shooting Games for Android

Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms 3 is hailed as one of the most popular, advanced and meticulously crafted shooting games on Android. It has a great historical timeline giving the pretext for all the stages. You have maps, great weapons, fine graphic details and heroes to keep things spiced up.

shooting games brother in arm

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is my favorite shooting game for Android. It has the zombie apocalypse plot, where you, as a hero, have to take down as much zombies as you can to save the fellow humans. The graphics are superb. Dead Trigger 2 has some revamped features, but its first part-Dead Trigger 1- was the perfect addictive shooting game for Android for free.


Deer Hunter

Deer Hunter is a great, very popular, and addictive shooting game in which you have to kill deer in a scenic jungle and mountainous region. The game is extremely well-designed; you have different weapons, maps. It’s important to mention here that this game is not completely free, as it has some in-app purchases in the advanced levels.


Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is a great free shooting game for Android for all those who are fans of modern military shooting and weapons. It has great movie-type graphics, scenes, weapons and heavy artillery. You get to pass many stages and levels. The game shows very fine details and colors.

shooting games modern combate


N.O.V.A 3

N.O.V.A 3 is a great free shooting game developed by the famous company Gameloft. There was a paid version of this game, but after its massive popularity, a great void was filled by the free version of NOVA 3. The game looks into the futuristic war, weapons and highly advanced techniques of shooting.

shooting game nova

Dino Hunter

Dino Hunter is a great free shooting game with a unique idea. In this game, you get to take shorts on Dinosaurs. The game offers advanced weapons to kill the gigantic creatures, and you can use the slow motion feature to take a killing shot in case the dinosaur is injured, not killed.


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