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Best Free Android Live Wallpaper Apps

by Fahad Saleem

Having live, changing wallpapers in your Android phone is really refreshing. Whenever you look at your phone, you get something new, colorful and animated to watch. It keeps up the mood, kills boredom and add some crisp to your phone usage. Here are some of the best free live wallpapers apps. These apps will do everything for you: they will change the wallpapers from time to time and you don’t need to schedule anything. All you have to do is to install the app and enjoy the scene.

Best Free Android Live Wallpaper Apps

Rain Live Wallpaper

Rain Live Wallpaper app is my favorite. It has hundreds of rain wallpapers which show live rain drops, changing water on glass effect, light wind which looks very cool and refreshing. You can also put your own images on the background and the app will put rain drops and effects on it which will change from time to time.


Paperland Wallpaper

Paperland Wallpaper shows an animated, miniature world where a busy road is full of people, cars and objects. It has a depth, which really keeps you uplifted. This is one of the best free live wallpaper apps for Android.


Mountains Now

A Perfect app for mountain lovers, Mountains Now shows a cartoonistic, animated mountain views, which is so attractive that you will never have enough of it. The colors and mountain scenes keep changing, giving a great miniature look and feel in your phone.



Muzei live Wallpaper app for Android combines the best pieces of artwork in one app and makes them rotate and move to give a look of great live wallpapers for Android. This app is great for art lovers.


Asus Live Water

Asus Live Water wallpaper app for Android is a great free wallpaper app which shows water art. It shows live wallpapers like ice cubes in water, water flowing in river, glass sea, and gives a perfect soothing look to your phone.


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