Best Free Fingerprint Lock Security Apps for Android

 Best Free Fingerprint Lock Security Apps for Android

You must be inspired by the fingerprint scanners used in the movies for locking/unlocking the precious and private assets. This article will list down some of the best apps for free fingerprint lock security for Android devices. Of course, you need to have a compatible sensor and scanner for identifying your fingerprints if you desire true fingerprint scanner. Otherwise, you can use the fake scanners to give the feeling of actual smart fingerprint locks.

Apps to Enable Security on Android Devices with Free Fingerprint

Fingerprint Lock

This is a simple app that secures your Android device with your fingerprints. You need to touch the sensor area on the screen with your fingers and unlock your device. Your friends will be quite amazed since this app scans your fingerprints like the real scanner.

The app contains a modern design that may react with the haptic or acoustic feedback. Of course, the screen of your smartphone cannot read the fingerprints in reality. It just analyzes your touch. The settings of the app are quite simple. You have the option to disable the functionality. This is certainly not the actual biometric fingerprint sensor.

Fingerprint Screen Lock ICS

It works as a real screen lock that unlocks with your fingerprints. When you run the app, you will get your screen in the locked mode. It will still display the time and date with the same look and feel of Icecream Sandwich OS. It Is designed for all the HD devices and supports nearly all Android devices. Show your friends that your smartphone contains a virtual biometric fingerprint scanner.



ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner

It is a true biometric fingerprint lock solution. This is powered by the ONYX HD which allows the users to take the picture of their fingerprints using the existing camera. You don’t require additional hardware of scanner. The speed of unlocking is simply superb.

Fingerprint Lock Screen

It is the best customizable fingerprint lock screen app for locking your Android phone. This app works as a fingerprint screen locker. You can easily customize the lock screen scanner with your own wallpaper. Your friends will never get the trick and they will be surprised. You can also change the number of beeps for unlock from the settings screen.

Screen Fingerprint Locker

This is a trick app to unlock your phone with your fingerprints. It looks like a real fingerprint scanner for making fool out of your friends. Simply enable the lock screen option in the settings of the app. Set the scan cycles and you are done. This app is really wonderful as a prank.


I hope, you are already gearing up to use free fingerprint lock security for Android for having some fun with your friends. These apps give the feeling of the real fingerprint scanners, but they can’t function as biometric sensors. Only ICE Unlock fingerprint scanner utilizes the true sensor in these apps.





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