Best Free Hardware Monitoring Tools for Windows PC

Best Free Hardware Monitoring Tools for Windows PC

If something has gone wrong with the hardware of your PC, then you must use some useful hardware monitoring tools. This article presents three wonderful tools for finding the root-cause of the problems that are hindering the performance of your PC. These tools utilize the PC’s sensors to get deep insight into the problem for solving it. Getting down to the hardware level can provide quite useful diagnostic information about your PC.



This tool is manufactured by CPUID. You can download and install this tool quite easily as you would try any other free Windows software. The Pro version of the app also exists that provide some more features such as remote monitoring of PCs. It can also generate graphs and even control fans. However, the basic version must prove to be good enough for most of the users. The software can easily monitor voltages, temperature, and fans on your main board and also on the graphics adapter. It can also measure power and temperature for the CPU. The range of values is provided in each case for comparison. If you are using software on a laptop, the software will also tell the designed and current battery capacity of your laptop.

Overall, it is a useful monitoring tool that provides useful information for the users.

Hardware Sensors Monitor

It is quite easy to measure the temperatures with this software. This handy little utility resides in your system tray all the times and when you take the cursor over its icon, it will provide information about the temperatures of your CPU cores and hard drives. When you right-click its icon and click on “Restore”, you will get some more sensor information. It may not be as efficient as HWMonitor, but it is quite easy to use. It can easily measure temperatures for the main board, CPU, and hard drives.

When you right-click the main program window for going to “Settings”, you will get some more information. You can set the software to play a particular sound file when the voltages or temperatures reach the critical level. Although, the interface may not be user-friendly, yet it contains some extremely useful features.

Open Hardware Monitor

This software is free and plug-and-play tool that doesn’t even require installation. It simply means that you don’t need to have administrator privileges to control the hardware status of your PC. Unzip it somewhere on your hard drive and then run the executable file. You can use its options to start it along with the Windows boot up.


You can also run a remote web server. You would be able to access the live stats from your browser. It is quite useful when heavy tasks are going on your PC, and you want to know the temperatures of hard drives, and CPU. You get to know the temperatures of motherboard, CPU, and graphics card.


The hardware monitoring tools are quite essential to the surveillance of the parameters of your PC that may shoot up as a result of intense activities such as gaming, and running other heavy simulations. You can diagnose the hardware issues easily.

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