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Best Free iPhone Apps Everyone Should Download Right Now

by Fahad Saleem

 Best Free iPhone Apps Everyone Should Download Right Now

iOS serves its users with variety of apps that make their life easy. With great deal of apps available on your smartphones now, you can virtually do virtually anything from making a phone call to controlling your home AC remotely. Some of the best free iPhone apps that should be downloaded right now are discussed below.

Fast Keyboard

It is a wonderful text creator and editor containing two rows of additional keys including symbols, numbers, frequently used words, Unicode symbols, and email templates. You can easily sync to Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter and other apps. You can also read documents in doc, xls, ppt, keynote, number, pages, pdf, and images.

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PayPal Here

This app acts as free credit card processor by turning your iPhone into encrypted credit card reader. You don’t have to put burden on your pocket by buying credit card processing terminals. You just need to use your iPhone camera to add funds from checks or send invoices.

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Dragon Dictation

Save your fingers from typing long articles, essays, and dissertations as your smartphone will now do it for you with intelligent voice recognition app in the form of Dragon Dictation. It supports plenty of languages and allows you to write your texts extremely fast as you speak.

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If you are tired of business card scanning apps then this app will really help you out to get rid of the hassle business cards create. You just need to capture the image of your card, and humans will transcribe this information with great accuracy and send back in minutes. Contacts can be easily added to your address book of iPhone, can be invited to LinkedIn network, and can be easily sent a follow up email.

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If you are a business traveler or love to have a world tour then this app is quite suitable for you. This app provides you real time flight statuses (including push notifications, view airport foods, shops, and other services. You can easily sort by rating or location. You can bookmark airports and post to your social media to keep your network posted on your journeys.

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`This is a great mind mapping app that allows you to map your tasks, ideas, and meeting notes into intuitive visual apps. You can organize your concepts and manage your decisions accordingly. You can also import maps with Mindjet Connect.

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