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Best Free Skype Alternatives for iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows

by Fahad Saleem

Skype has become the trademark of VoIP calls in individual space, office and corporate environment. Whenever we think of connecting with people who are located someplace far away, Skype comes to our mind. This is because of the flawless, fluid and fast conversation experience Skype provides us for free. But there are some countries where Skype is banned. Also, many users want to use other software for a plethora of reasons. Whatever may be the reason, you can always use the best free Skype alternatives. These Skype alternatives are for iPhone, Android and PC. You can download these software and use them to connect with people; for video calls and audio calls for free just like in Skype.

Best Free Skype Alternatives


ICQ is the best free Skype alternative for Android, iPhone and PC. This software has been around for more than 20 years. Started with a chat room service, ICQ evolved into one of the most profound Enterprise and office VoIP calling service, which has aesthetically pleasing interface, prodigiously useful calling mechanism, social media integration over Facebook, Twitter, Jabber, IRC and much more. You can make free video, audio, conference calls, make one-click international calls using ICQ. ICQ is available for Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone. The interface is much better than Skype, and you won’t ever get bored ever using this software.

The best part of ICQ is that you don’t necessarily have to reveal your identity. The software allocates you a unique identification number and you can use that to make calls. Conversely, Skype needs photo, email, number, names and much more, which is bad if you want to conceal your identity.


TeamSpeak is another great free option for people looking for free Skype alternatives for iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac. It allows you to make one on one calls, conference calls, access IRC chat rooms, make videos calls. TeamSpeak uses echo cancellation, packet optimization, queuing techniques to promise refined voice and video quality during the call session.

team speak 1


Jitsi offers the most diverse range of calling features over Mac, Windows and Linux. You can make free VoIP calls, encrypt calls, messages, do instant messaging and one-click calls using Jitsi. This software supports a multifarious range of algorithms which makes it easy to run it commingled with other platforms. It supports SIP, XMPP, Jabber, Google Talk, Facebook, MSN, AIM chat algorithms.

jitsi 1


You can make free calls and send text messages using VoxOx, another free software promising the Skype features. You can also make international calls on telephone numbers of your friends, family and business partners using VoxOx for cheap rates. VoxOx has iOS and Android apps, which have pretty eloquent interface and convivial looks.


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