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Best Free Tools to Make Presentations Online With Animations, Videos and Images

by Fahad Saleem

Microsoft Office is largely considered as the only free, useful software for making presentations. But do you know that there is a myriad of free online presentation tools which let you create presentations online for free. You can add animations, cartoons, images, all sorts of stylish texts and videos in these presentations without downloading anything on your PC. In fact, MS Office will seem a bit outdated one you get to know of these great free online presentation tools. Here are the best free online tools to create presentations online.

Create Presentations Online for Free

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is perhaps the best tool to create presentations online. This tool gives you free access to a repository of 35 million images, which you can add in your presentations. You can also import photos and data from Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Instagram. You can add text, images, videos and audio while making presentations in Haiku Deck. This software essentially produces prodigious pieces of presentations and text, which you can proudly present  in your class, office, college.

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Prezi is one of the most famous tools to make presentations online. This tool lets you add animations, fun content, images and videos in your presentations, and that too for free. Prezi is based on the innovative idea of “non-linear” presentations- the feature which allows you to make presentations in a connected order. Another great feature of Prezi is that it allows you to sync your work across multiple devices. Prezi has a repository of millions of images and animations.

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Google Slides

Google slides is another great free tool to make interesting presentations online. The peculiar feature of Google Slides is that it lets you create sober, graceful and decent presentations, as it has formal themes which are less flashy and less pompous. Another great thing about Google Slides is that you can save all your work in Google Drive, Google Cloud online and resume it anytime you want online from any machine. You can also export your Google Slides. It is also supportive of Android devices, which means you can make presentations online on your Android phone.

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Reveal or Reveal.js tool lets you create free online presentations full of objects, videos, charts, graphs and animations. It has a robust architecture and framework, which lets you create presentations both in the form of objects and HTML. You can export the presentations. You can add speak notes, copy paste objects, send projects, add notes and videos easily while making online presentations in Reveal.

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Images: Lifehacker, PreziBase

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