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Best Free Videos Players for Android Phone and Tablet With Download Links

Best Free Videos Players for Android Phone and Tablet With Download Links

Video industry is booming. According to a research, more than 62% of the users online prefer video content instead of other media ( audio, text, images). We prefer watching videos in our phones. If you want to download best free video player for Android phone or tablet, we will give you a bunch of options and you can select the best one based on your choice.

Best Free Android Video Players to Download for Android


BSPlayer is one of the best Android video players which gives fast, reliable and best quality performance. It supports hardware accelerated decoding, which makes it easier for your to play all kinds of videos no matter in what format they are. It also players mp4 videos, mp3 audios and what not. The free version offers all the features, except that it will show you ads. You can also opt for paid version for ad-free access.


Feather is by favorite and without a doubt one of the best video players for Android phones or tablet. Its clean interface is clutter-free, have no extra buttons and designed with barebones interface to do only one job that is playing videos. All formats are supported, which makes it possible for you to play mp4 files.


MoboPlayer is another best Android video player which you can download for free. It is very stable, never crashes, supports subtitles and binge-watch playlists. It also supports all platforms. The interface is a bit complex.

MX Player

MX Player is the best free video player for Android for those who are looking for a plethora of features. XMBC support, set-top box video support, kids lock which will enable you to play video for your kids without making them mess up your phone, Zoom-in, Zoom-out with one touch, subtitles off and one with toggle and pixel match options make this Android video player one of the hottest pie out there. You can also add and download third-party plugins for this player if you need extra features.


RockPlayer2 supports all codecs, lets you share files with other RockPlayer2 users on Android or iOS devices. You can enjoy video streaming, video of any format on this free Android video player. The app is free, but have some in-app purchases for extra features. No need to worry, it won’t cost anything for playing the video, which is the one job it should do right, Right?


You must have heard about VLC media player. It is also available on Android. Highly stable, popular and trustworthy media player, VLC lets you enjoy mp4 and other videos on your phone. Fast as lightning, VLC supports multi-track subtitles and all codecs. It also supports hardware-accelerated decoding and encoding.


GPlayer has a floating interface for all those who want to multitask during watching video. You can also make it run in the full-screen mode. You must download this best free video player for Android if you want to ‘listen’ to a video, lecture of video song and keep doing other works on your phone.

These were some best video players for Android. Let us know in the comments which one you loved the most and tip us if you know a tool better than all of these.

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