15 Best Fun Clips and Funny Movies to Watch on YouTube (with Links)

Video is becoming the centerpiece of online content. Thousands of hours of funny video content is uploaded daily on YouTube and Facebook. People watch fun clips and funny movie clips to kill time or just to enjoy. In this article we will show you the best ever fun clips you can watch.

1- This video shows the life of a honey badger. But what’s so funny about it. Wait until you listen to the narration behind this fun vid.


2- This is the weirdest yet one of the funniest fun clips to watch on YouTube. This video shows the face of a cartoon character imposed on those of many other faces of famous cartoons.



3- This video having millions of views is hilarious. When a lizard randomly jumps on a new reporter, things go south pretty quickly.



4- This is a great funny movie clip in which a kid talks about a dream.


5- Someone edited a Taylor Swift’s song and featured a goat in it. This is a great funny clip to watch on YouTube.


6- This video has over 126 million views. A guy in this video shows how animals eat their food.


7- This is perhaps the coolest sheriff in town.



9- Watch till the cat jumps



10- David Blaine did it again



11- Do you think people are afraid of technology? After watching this great fun clip, I’d say yes.




12- This famous funny video is a remix and edit of a famous song done on a kids video



13- These two crazy and weird boys are doing some candid crazy thing in this video.



14- A severely drunk man goes to a shop to buy more beer. That’s what we call dedication.




15- This lazy sloth was trying to cross road when a man decided to make things easy for it. It is one of the most watch funny clips on YouTube.


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