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Best Funniest Facebook Pages You Should Like

by Fahad Saleem

Best Funniest Facebook Pages You Should Like

Facebook is the most popular social media platform where you can spend plenty of hours without getting bored. You can scroll through profiles of your friends or chat with your buddies. Facebook pages are the primary source of news feeds for us. We all want to scroll down and see funny, viral content on social media. There are some best funniest Facebook pages you should Like because they are the most famous sources of funny videos, pictures and comics out there. Check them out!

Funny Videos

Surely, this Facebook page will stand out in terms of providing infinite entertainment to you. You will keep giggling while watching plethora of videos here. The videos will relieve any kind of tensions in your mind. Once you are addicted to this page, you will never miss out on updates on it. The fans count has reached almost 1 million now.

Hilarious Videos

This is one of the funniest Facebook pages. It easily beats the previous one in terms of fans count and presents extremely funny content for you. It will take some effort to stop laughing while watching pranks and videos from this page. This is a great source of entertainment when you are feeling sad.

Pusheen the Cat

This Facebook page is all about funniest cats behaving in weird manner. The page took off dramatically ever since it was created and boasts more than 8.7 million fans at the moment. The Pusheen cat will amuse you at virtually every corner of the page with funny comics and hilarious pictures. You will laugh loudly over the innocent Pusheen cat.

The Nerdiest

It is updated quite regularly and must be the busiest Facebook page today. It offers a huge number of videos that feature hilarious commentators and actors. Chris Hardwick is one of the founders of this page and is famous as a comedian. The page is stuffed with the diverse content that will provide extreme entertainment for you. Anything from funny interviews to nerdy parodies could be found here.


This one is my favorite. From comics to hilarious videos, this page gives the best funny feeds daily. 9GAG is basically a comics websites but now, anything funny goes up and millions of fans comment and engage on its posts.

The Oatmeal

This page posts the best comics you’ll ever find out there on the web. The Oatmeal is known for its deep, hilariously funny and meaningful comics. Once you open the website, you will keep scrolling down and will never get bored

Awkward Family Photos

This Facebook page presents some of the funniest family pictures captured. The page has gained popularity by using the theme of self-deprecation. Fans of this page submit most nerdy family photos for sharing some light moments. When you are getting bored, head over to this page, and you will find plenty of interesting stuff here.

The above mentioned best funniest pages are enough to keep you laughing out loud after grueling work. Let us know if you know more funny content sources and pages on the web.


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